Dr. Amal Kumar Bhattacharjee

  D.M.S. (KOL) Gold Medalist.
  M.D. (HOM).
  Life Member of Homoeopathic
  Medical Association of India.
  Visiting Lecturer of MKH Medical   College & Hospital.




Dr. (MRS) S. Bhattacharjee (Bose) [Assistant Director]

  D.M.S. (KOL).
  M.D. (HOM).
  Life Member of Homoeopathic
  Medical Association of India.



About Homeopathy:
Homoeopathy is a system serving the sick for 200 years. It was introduced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. This relatively less expensive treatment can help you for treating critical diseases which has resulted in loss of your money & time. Try this natural & non invasive medical treatment by well-experienced doctors.

Expertise & Creditability:
25 years Experience of Treatment – A classical Homoeopathic treatment centre for Diabetes Mellitus, Infertility, Female & critical disease.
A Specialized centre to control and prevent complication of Diabetes mellitus, Diabetic awareness.
 A specialized centre for infertile male with excellent result.
A specialized centre for female and other critical diseases with care.

About Diabetes:
As per WHO, India has over 3 crore people suffering from Diabetes Mellitus, in the year 2000 and the figure is expected to reach about 28 crores by 2030.
The major cause of the high morbidity and mortality rate associated with diabetes is a group of micro vascular and macro vascular complications affecting multi organ system. These are retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy and arteriosclerosis. These are the unavoidable consequences of the diabetic state over time or whether they may be influenced by controlling the diabetes through aggressive monitoring, treatment and life style management, including diet and supplements.

Homoeopathic treatment can not only curb the progress of the complications but can prevent and treat them too.  

Centre :
  • Behala :
    114/1 . Diamond Harbour Road.Kolkata – 700060.
    Beside Bazar Kolkata, Behala. Bus-stop:Pathak Para.
    Time: 10-1P.M., 6-9.30 P.M. By appointment only. Sunday Closed.

  • New Alipore:
    Sidharth Apartment. 31/2 Sahapur Colony New Alipore.Kolkata – 700053.
    Opp. Corporation Bank.
    Time 10-12.30 Noon, 6-8.30 P.M. By appointment only. Sunday Closed.

Physiotherapy by Qualified Physiotherapist Mr. Rajesh Prasad BPT




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