About Us

MOTHER’S NEST is build upon the tree that has several lush green branches to provide the much needed shadow of love and care to the orphans and widows getting burnt from the scorching heat of hatred and carelessness. With the sole aim of providing every possible help needed to bring back these two sections of the society to the mainstream, mother’s nest is ever committed to serve them in every possible way.

Apart from giving them day to day care, we also provide basic healthcare facilities, education, and many such other basic needs that are required for day to day living.

With a host of other humanitarian activities, mother’s nest is planning to expand and explore all avenues of care, love and justice for the orphans and widows.

While concluding, let us put it in this way ‘serving humanity is serving God’ and serving the widows and orphans is in a way serving the entire humanity for these two are the torchbearers of the coming generations. Thus mother’s nest is in a sense serving the entire humanity.