About SANTANU BHATTACHARYA (Tabla Player in India)

He was born in s musical family. His mother Smt maya Bhattacharya is a classical vocal music artist. In earlier stage at age of four he was inspired in vocal music by his mother.

The torch bearer in musical journey was his beloved and respected GURU Ramesh Chandra hazra (VANARAS) GHARANA .Prof Parimal Chakraborty , Porf Amitav Guhathakurata,Who inspired him a lot of in this field .There after that he developed his TALIM of TABLA with different GHARANAS.

His Excellency in respect of TABLA becomes high with the blessing of legendary GURU PANDIT Swapan Chaudhuy and PANDIT Aninda Chatterjee.

In his Musical career he used to gates many prizes, Recognition, Certificates of many Famous arties like PANDIT Tarun Bhattacharya, PANDIT Aninda Chatterjee and PANDIT Mohanlal Mishra, He got “SANGEET PRABHAKAR” title for PRACHIN KALA KENDRA Chandigrah .“SHILPAGUNEE” title from Sanakrit vikas Kendra.
He also gate GOLDEN Award in TABLA from Bharatiya Sangeet academy.
He awarded abbreviation certificate from Westbangal State music academy, In the year 2008 he gate “SANGEET BHUSHAN” award from UTCAL YUVA SANSKRUTIK SANGHA ( corporate body of UNESCO).In this year 2009 he gats JUNIAR NATIONAL  FELLOWSHIPTABLA” Ministry of  culture New Delhi (GOV OF INDIA ) .
He accompanied with many famous artistes such PANDIT Tarun Bhattacharya, PANDIT Dinonath Mishra, PANDIT Santanu Benarjee, PANDIT Chitras Das, and SUSRI Nila Vagwat Etc.

He also performed Traditional TABLA SOLO and accompaniment to classical/instrument in deferent parts of India, like MUMBAI, VANARAS, PUNA, DELHI Etc.

In the year 1998 he established TABLA ACADAMY (Gov Reg) In Barrackpur West bengol .With intention to work basically amongst the middle and lower class families.

Many student grownup and started their musical careers through the TABLA ACADAMY. Workshop, Seminars, with musical concert etc, is regularly at held in Tabla academy.

In the year 2006 his name was published in the Dailies Anandabazar patrika, The Statesman, and The Telegraph for his per Excellence performance in Indian classical program held in Birla academy at Kolkta, and just after two years his name was also published The Daily INDIAN EXPRESS in Real Page 3 Column dated 15th June 2008.
In respect of his talents shown as TABLA Artist and his keen interest was found in popularizing TABLA playing as musical instrument and in the form of accompaniment to classical VOCAL Music and other musical instruments .He is making his best efforts to profess the teaching of TABLA amongst the lower and middle class family.
There after A.N.I published in Website media on 26th June 2008 regarding his excellent performance in development and research work in TABLA by means of “SOUND WAVE” or rhythm of TABLA as an aid to treatment for several diseases like blood pressure and mental stress.

There are so many website news Medias collected the above matters from ANI and published same in their own wave site, the name of which are as follows. www.spicezee.com , www.dailyindia.com, www.newstracksindia.com .www.andhranews.net, www.webindia.com,www.medindia.com .www.yahoonews.com.


I am a young man having engaged in musical performance for last 27 years specially I have undergone the lessons of Tabla related to Lucknow, Vanaras, and Farukkhabad Gharana. Besides I have also undertaken Talim of different Gharans of Delhi, Azarara, and Punjab .I am fortunate to undergo training in Tabla under the guidance of late Ramesh Hazra, Prof, Parimal Charobortty, Prof, Amitavo Guho thakurata .Thereafter I have enriched myself with the help of training under Pandt Swapan Chowdhury and Pandt Anindto Chatterjee.

I got the opportunity to take part in the workshop in respect Of Tabla conducted by West Bengal State music Academy and I also participated in the seminar regarding the values of different types of music the certificate of which is enclosed.

 I established Tabla Academy (Gov Reg S/IL NO.51392 under west Bengal society Act 1961) in the year 1998 at Barrackpore Kol – 122, W.B.in order to popularize Indian Classical music amongst the students belonging to middle and lower middle class families. Workshops, Seminars with musical concert are regularly held at TABLA ACADAMY and give them certificates prizes etc.

 I was fortunate enough to act as Tabla soloist and Tabla Accompaniment to Indian Classical music in Mumbai, Pune, Orisa, Vanaras, etc other than West Bengol. I am glad to inform you that I also got the opportunity as accompanist in Tabla with The Vocal, Instrumental, and Khathak Dance Music programme, the respective artistes of which are as follows Pandit Mohonlal Mishra, Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya, Pandit Chitras Das, Susri Nila Vagwat, etc.
At present I am also engaged in Research and Development work in tabla by dint of which lost of several Bols and Rhythm, there can be restored and also it will help to reduce mental Stress and normalize the blood pressure of human being. The matter of which was published by ANI on 26th  June 2008 the Xerox copy of which is enclosed .  


  1. I got “SANGEET PRAVHAKAR” From PRACHIN KALA KENDRA (CHANDIGAR) in the year of 1999-2000.
  1. SANGEET BHUSHANaward from UTCAL YUVA SANSKRUTIK SANGHA ORISA, (corporate body of UNESCO).In the year of 2008.
  1. JUNIAR NATIONAL  FELLOWSHIPTABLA” Ministry of culture New  Delhi (GOV OF INDIA) in the year of 2009.
  1. GOLDEN Award in TABLA from Bharatiya Sangeet academy west Bengal in the year of 2000-2001.
  1. “SHILPAGUNEE” title from Sanakrit vikas Kendra West Bengal in the year of 2008.

Recognition from Eminent Artiest

  1. Pandit Aninda Chatterjee
  2. Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya
  3. Prof Parimal Chakroborty (Rabindra Bharoti University).


TABLA academy (A Government of West Bengal Resister under Society Act 1961 Regd No –S/IL-51392).In the year 19198 with the mission to work basically amongst middle and lower class family to spread Indian cloture and Heritage through out the country.
Many students grownup and started their musical carrier through this Academy.

The Basic intension to form the TABLA Academy is to Render prepare the students competent in Vocal Classical Music as well as in Instrument to lesion to Musical entertainment .Workshop ,Seminars with Musical Concert are regularly held at TABLA ACADAMY.


During long 12yeasrs TABLA academy do such lot of work in District level (24Parganas North) and Kolkata aria.

  1. Every year TABLA ACADAMY arranged fours sitting TABLA workshop, four sitting TALIM workshop and three sitting Musical seminars. The Participants students get certificates & Prize.
  1. 25 students are regularly learning their lesion from this Institution. Most of these students are economically backward.
  1. TABLA ACADAMY arranges four time sitting Indian Classical Musical Concert held in my District Level (24P.G.S north).10 numbers of students are Performing in the Stage during per sitting. Eminent Classical Artiest Perform their activities in terms of requirement.
  1. In the year 2008 TABLA ACADAMY opened Talent Search Program the participates gets Certificates & Prize .40 students gets this opportunities per year.
  2. ABLA ACADAMY Preserve the all HERITAGE BOL BANI KAYDA, RELA, GAT, TUKRA, CHAKRADAR etc.The rear Composition of BANARAS GHARANA, LUCKNOW GHARANA, DELHI GHARANA, FARUKHABAD GHARANA, which is so rear are Preserved in my Institution ( TABLA academy ).
  3. During this 12th years, TABLA ACADAMY try to spread traditional Indian Classical Music among the people in my District level and Kolkata.the most of the program held in Barrackpur, Ichapur,Barasat,Sodpur,Palta,Naihati,Shamnagar,And Kolkata site. The students of TABLA ACADAMY and invited young Promising artist are participated of this occasion.


  1. Encourage the young Classical artiest and rest of the artiest their Benefit.
  2. In the year 08 TABLA ACADAMY open Talent search program and Give them certificates &prize.
  3. In every year all students of TABLA ACADAMY provide in the stage performance.
  4. TABLA ACADAMY arranged TABLA Workshop in every year.
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