NACS ( Nucleous Academic and Competitive Studies) is an educational wing of NUCLEOUS GROUP with some moto and commitments. Where the Institution gives the students not only the success also help to have the command over the subjects through the consistant and systemetic support from the begining to the end. Because NACS consider knowledge is the real asset even after being successful.

Message from Deep Chakravorty (M.D. Nucleous Group)

Every person has immense potence, in respective field. Aware, Allow and Motivate.

Aline from Academic Director & HOD'S (NACS)

  • Parama Chakraborty Academic Director, NACS we begin to fulfil your dream
  • Aditya Banerjee H.O.D Maths, Don't do maths, Just Play with Maths.
  • Asis Pan H.O.D Physics, Every subject has its own logical philosophy. Try to be logical with it.
  • Sarboranjan Paria H.O.D Chemistry, Practice leads to perfection.
  • Sudeshna Roy H.O.D Biology Try to feel the softness of the hard coconut.
  • Sathyajit Sen H.O.D Reasoning, Be Logical & rational with Problem.
  • Moumita Guha H.O.D General Knowledge, Try to smell what is happening around you.
  • Anil Roy H.O.D English, Imaginative with vocabulary.
  • Abhisek Bhattachariya H.O.D. Quantitive apptitude, Try to overcome your weakness with your present Maturity.
  • Riya Ghosh H.O.D Spoken English, Don't hesitate to speak, right or wrong consider later.
  • Sreemon Achariya H.O.D French ( Language ), Try to communicate yourself
  • Banibrata Mukherjee H.O.D German ( Language), Build the confidence, if you wish if you can.
  • Sampa Dutta Gupta H.O.D Spanish (language), Start your romance with the language.