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Poem based on social unequilibrum affection of the socirty for social reformer.   Lyrical drama where a cry for judgement, and disperity.   A collection of short drama based on intelectual clash, emotional, supertision and eratic impulsiveness.   A collection poem based on experimental form of experience through poetry of our social needs.   Poem based on vivid picture & society whose pespective are love, survival struggle and brave heart.
A poem based on supertision.   A poem based on a tale of cities when the major one shadow the other.   A poem on Romance and womanly expression of emotion.   A long poetry for mainly children based on comedy.   A novel based on travel and tour at Kinnor Kailash where a symbrosis of Drapodi is observed.
Poem based on Philosophy human feeling.   Collection of poem edited by Mukul Bhattacharya for dul essence of freedom.   A dramatise previledge of short story of Rabindranath Tagore.  
Series Poem
  A poem based on a view 300years of Kolkata of a villager.
A Quaterly Magazine edition  
A Quaterly Magazine edition
  Collection of one act drama based on serio comedy, comedy & socialist infrastructer.    
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