We provide effective Ortho & Neuro Rehab Programs for:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfer’s Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Knee Pain
  • Planter Fasciitis
  • Post Cannel Bursitis
  • Low Back Pain
  • Lumber Spondylosis
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Guillaine Barre Syndrome
  • Stroke Patients etc.

Following Equipments are available with us :

  • Ultra Sonic Therapy (U.S.T.)
  • Trans Epidermal Nerve Stimulator (T.E.N.S.)
  • Inter Ferrential Therapy (I.F.T.)
  • Short Wave Diathermy (S.W.D.)
  • Wax Therapy
  • Muscle Stimulator
  • Galvanic Stimulator
  • Faradic Stimulator
  • Russian Current Stimulator
  • Mult Channel Programme Based Digital I.F.T. / T.E.N.S. / Ressian Current Stimulator
  • All Traction Equipments etc.
Few Advices to Remember :

Instruction for Patient Suffering from Back Pain :

    1. Lie down on bed until pain subsides.
    2. While doing any type of work, the backbone should kept straight.
    3. After the pain subsided, try getting out of bed either from the left or right side.
    4. Sitting on a stool for long period is not recommended.
    5. Have your meals using dining table only.
    6. Never try operating a tube well.
    7. Should avoid the use of foam mattresses.
    8. Stand while cooking.
    9. Do not seat for a long time on any place. try moving around in between.
    10. Try sitting by putting one leg on top of the other.
    11. While sitting the knee level should always be higher than waist level.
    12. Do not lie flat on your chest.
    13. While picking up things, try sitting down in a straight position and only then pick things up.
    14. Have shower bath or sit straight while having a bath.
    15. No exercise should be done when a pain.
    16. Try losing weight.
    17. While climbing stairs climb slowly keeping the back bone straight.
    18. Any type of massaging should be avoided.

    Limitations for Patients Suffering from Gout:

    Any type of liquors, Big fish, Red meat, Banana-flower, Green jackfruit, Black berry, Spinach, Tomato, Thick dal, Paneer, Curd. Drink plenty of water.

    Instruction for Patient Suffering from Neck Pain :

    1. Do all types of work by keeping the neck straight.
    2. Try getting up from bed from either right or left side.
    3. No exercise should be done when in pain.
    4. Prefer front seat ride.
    5. Stand while cooking.
    6. Never try operating a tube well.
    7. Any type of massaging should be avoided.
    8. Always Sleep on hard mattress and avoid using pillow.

    Advice for Patient Suffering from Shoulder Joint Pain (Frozen Shoulder) :

    1. Affected limb should be kept In A resting posture without heavy work.
    2. Do exercise regularly.
    3. Start Physiotherapy as advised by your doctor.
    4. Hot Fomentation may be done If required.
    5. Any kind of injection should Be administrator after consulting your doctor.

    Advice for Patient Suffering From Heel Pain :

    1. Affected heel should be kept in resting position.
    2. If required cold compress may be done on the heel.
    3. Stretching exercise for leg should be started and leg should be placed on pillow.
    4. Do not walk on bare foot.
    5. Try losing weight.
    6. Take medicines as advised by your doctor.
    7. Start physiotherapy as advised by your doctor.
    8. Use soft cushioned heel foot wear.
    9. Do not use high heel shoes.

    Instruction for Plastered Or Operated Patients :

    1. Injured part of the body (Hand or Leg) should be kept elevated.
    2. Fingers of the injured part should be moved at least five times in an hour.
    3. If there is intense pain in the injured part or fingers cannot be moved or there is inflammation or unnatural bony movements, seek medical help immediately.
    4. Care should be taken that the plastered part does not get wet.
    5. If there is itching inside the plaster never insert any sharp object inside the plaster to lessen the itching.

    Instructions for Post-Operated patients and patients who’s Plaster have been removed :

    1. There may be slight swelling/inflammation around the injured part. Do not panic keep the injured part in a raised position.
    2. In case of immense pain, Immense inflammation or unnatural bony movements, Seek for medical help immediately.
    3. Apply contrast bath.
    4. Any type of massaging should be avoided.
    5. Try to move the joints as much as you can do yourself.
    6. Use a crutch/stick for support and movements as advised.
    7. Keep the crepe bandage over the injured area all the time except during bathing, having meals and while in rest.

    Instruction for Patients Suffering from Knee Joint Pain :

    1. Do knee joint exercise for 5 minutes every hour.
    2. Knee bandage is restricted, use commode.
    3. Have meals using the dining table only.
    4. Have shower bath or sit straight while having a bath.
    5. Sitting on the floor is not advisable.
    6. Massaging is not advisable.

    Advice for Patient Suffering from Osteoporosis :

    1. Do not carry weight and lean forward.
    2. Use proper shoe, do not use high heels.
    3. Use walking sticks for support.
    4. Start exercise (E.G. Walking, Cycling Etc.)
    5. Take medicines as advised by your doctor.
    6. Nutrients like calcium rich food should taken daily (Milk, Curd, Fruits, Soyabean Etc.)
    7. Consult your doctor at regular intervals with bmd.

    Advice for Patient Suffering from Tennis Elbow :

    1. Keep the affected limb on a resting position.
    2. Heavy house hold chares like squeezing wet cloths, Cooking should be stopped till the pain is over.
    3. Generally exercise is not recommended.
    4. Start physiotherapy as advised by your doctor.
    5. Do not massage on the affected part.
    6. Smoking is prohibited.
    7. Stop worrying unnecessarily.
    8. Any type of massage or any type of hot fomentation are highly dangerous
    9. Put ice on the injured area and contact the doctor immediately
    10. Plaster/Immobilization is  done not only for boney injuries but also for soft tissue and ligamentous injuries.




Mr Ashoke Kumar Mukherjee IPS, Police Gallantry Medal  receipiant joined EFR in Early sixties as an Asst. Commandant. During his this tenure he along with his EFR  troup served in the disturbed and difficult terrain of Nagaland. Subsequently they were decorated with Purbi Star.

Later on, in the year 1967 Mr. Mukherjee took the Command of EFR 2nd Battalion . During his this tenure as C.O. he dedicated himself for development of the battalion. J C O’s Mess, Auditorium, Mandir, Family Welfare Centre, Children’s Park, School Bus, Canteen, Mini Cola Plant, Goatary, Piggery, Deer Park, Parade Ground, Battalion Roads and Water Pumping Project were materialized during that period.

Important force movement of that time were Naxalbari, Gopiballavpur and Rescue Operation of Teesta Flood Masacer.

In 1982 he took charge as first DIG EFR and Armed Police Brigade II, which contended him completely of  his journey with Eastern Frontier Rifles.

Late Mr. Ashoke Kumar Mukherjee always had pride, passion and love for this unique vallore  force .

He left for his heavenly abode on 4th October  2010 .

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