About Eshona :
Eshona was born on May 01, 1975. Since then it has produced a new play every year based on script by Sankar Basu Thakur. Our journey began with the play Gurupadar Apekshay based on Samuel Beckct's Waiting For Godot. It was highly acclaimed by theatre lovers. We cultivate the theatre form with all seriousness and for this our productions attain the desired level of excellence. Some of our plays which have run for years are Haito Ekdin (based on Steinbeck's OF Mice and Men), Aparanher Alo, Golbadan(Miser by Molier), Ekdin Nandini, Mcgh (Aristophanes' Cloud), Shikor (Alex Heley's novel Root) etc. Aparanher Alo was made into tele play by ATN Bangla. We are a popular name in one Act Play competitions and festivals in West Bengal and in places like New Delhi, Mumbai, Allahabad, Kanpur, Nagpur, Pune, Chandigarh etc. At the invitation of EZCC we staged three plays at Bharatiyam, Kolkata EZCC also sent us to give performances at Jharkhand Utsav, Ranchi and All India Historical Play Festival. Patna. We are selected to stage play at Paschim Banga Natya Utsav in 2004, 2012, 2014, 2016. We were also invited by Banga Sanskriti Sammelan, Mumbai in 2008. This was organized by Presidency College Alumni Association.

In the production of comedy plays Eshona's track record is unique and parhaps no theatre group can match Eshon's rich stock of comedy plays which are based on socially relevent themes conveying a message which surpass time and space. We are selected to stage play at Paschim Banga Natya Utsav in 2004, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017.
About Director :
Dilip Basu Thakur is associated with drama right from his childhood. His first stage appearance was in 1945 at Mariani in Assam. At the age of 81 he is one the few Theatre worker who perform regularly on stage. During early year of his service life Sri Dilip Basu Thakur had to lead a camp life for a considerable period of time in a remote place of Santhal Parganas. There too, he assembled a group of theatre lovers and staged Classical and Social dramas at regular intervals. In the late fifties, when group theatre movement was taking its route in Bengal he formed the 'Rupchhaya' group at Midnapore and organized regular shows which included dramas of Ibsen, Jimmerman, Chekov, etc.

Laurels in recognition of his direction and acting talents came pouring in since 1960 from different all Bengal and All India competitions. Since 1975 he is exclusively attached to 'Eshona' as founder member cum Director. Retired from Government service, sri Dilip Basu Thakur devotes much of his time in guiding and grooming young talents connected with other groups.
About Script Writer :
Sankar Basu Thakur was associated with Bengali and Sanskrit dramas at College and University level. A double M.A. in Political Science and Journalism. Sri Basu Thakur joined central services and held responsible position under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting till his retirement in 2002. Sri Basu Thakur took to script writing in Bengali in 1974 and his first attempt was 'Gurupadar Apekshay' based on Samual Backet's 'Waiting for Godot. Then came 'Ulanga Raja', 'Haito Ekdin, 'Hicky Saheber Gazette, 'Antardaha', 'Churamani Upakashyan', Aparanher Alo, Bojha Para, Adhara Swapan, Dharma Ubacho etc. So far he has written fifty six plays, which won many prizes in West Bengal and All India level.

Though he has prirnarily written most of the play for 'Eshona', other troupes have also staged his script with success. He plays active role in all of Eshona's production and currently he holds the position of Secretary of this Organisation .
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