Pratriki Bandhu Society and Green Mall are planting trees to save environment and giving life to millions. One million tree saplings will be distributed to villages and schools all over in West Bengal. Pratriki Bandhu Society and Green Mall will distribute tree sapling to those who will take care and grow trees with affection. Pratriki Bandhu Society is a nonprofit organization committed to creating lasting solutions for environment by inspiring people to live in harmony with nature.
  Small and large landscape, indoor, outdoor and rooftop terrace gardening, Garden/Landscape conceptualization, designing, supplies, plantation and maintenance.  
  Small saplings to big trees, bamboos, palms, shrubs, indoor shade loving plants, creepers, ground covers, grass and water loving plants are readily available in one campus.  
  All items required for indoor and outdoor gardening, like soil, coco-pith, vermi compost, organic fertilizer, pots, shade net, ground cover and books on gardening. All in one campus.  
  A fascirating Nature & Environment trip to Green Mall is loved by all school students. Children are motivate & inspired to live in harmony with nature. Package of Rs.100 Package of Rs.275