Universal Elevators & Engineers is expertise in Costumers care & excellent sale after service.

Now we are well in the 21st century of manufacturing elevator UEE is one of the fast growing elevator Company in the Country. We have dedicated ourselves to achieve the ultimate satisfaction of Customers.

UEE is established 1992 to manufacture various types of elevators. We are continuously changing & adding new features for better performance and service to the valued customers.

UEE product undergoes string gent checks at every stage and it is built with latest technology such as automatic touch button car switch control, digital indicator microprocessor control, etc. Efforts are also made to meet special requirements of customer.


With a technological bent of mind, we manufacture industrial products that conform to international standards. The range of products that we develop has high tensile strengths, dimensional accuracies and precision components. With an aim to satisfy customers at all levels, we produce products in great designs and functional values. This attitude of customer orientation and dynamic approach has gained us a gamut of customers who believe in our products. We also offer customization and competitive prices that has made us special.

Our special features in products include:

1) Dimensional accuracies, 2) Performance orientation,
3) Precision made, 4) Great designs, 5) Competitive pricing, 6)Customization