“Joint Replacement” is the buzz word today in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery. Post Surgery results that could not be achieved few decades back can be achieved today with Joint Replacement Surgery. Other than joint replacement the other technique is “Joint Reconstruction”. A joint that is severely damaged needs to undergo Total Joint Replacement while a joint that is partially damaged, that can be salvaged by methods of open reduction and internal fixation with plate and screws and thus can maintain the proper anatomical orientation of humeral condyle with the shaft humerus, can undergo Joint Reconstruction.

  • Sr. Consultant, DNB Teacher & Thesis Guide - B.O.R.R.C., Rajarhat, Kolkata
  • Asst. Professor and Associate Professor - B.S. Medical College
  • Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon - Kharagpur State General Hospital
  • Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon - Suri Sadar Hospital
  • Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon - Planters Hospital, Darjeeling
  • Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon - Darjeeling Sadar Hospital (Victoria)