About Avantskill

You may have heard that English is a "world" language, but have you ever wondered why? This is the question that Avantskill seeks to answer through this platform. English is one of the most widely used languages in the world and it is believed that over a billion people use some form of English in their day-to-day life. It is this stronghold of the English language that makes it truly a global language. Hence, learning English language has become an essential part of our lives. The fluency and command of the English language has become a necessary tool for better educational and career opportunities as well as over-all social and economic upliftment. However, for a non-native speaker, learning English becomes an enormous struggle.

Many do not have the opportunity to learn the language fluently simply because they cannot afford it. So many promising people feel left behind, while they watch their friends, colleagues and fellow classmates move ahead, only because they cannot communicate in English fluently. At Avantskill, we want to bridge that gap by giving people the access to the English language and provide everyone with the opportunity to harness the true potential English Language Learning. We believe that learning English should be accessible to everyone so that we can all equally utilize this global and digital age. Furthermore, we want to make English language learning a personal experience where learners of different capacities can learn to use the language as per their needs. To put it very simply, we want to enable you to explore yourself and realize your true potential because we believe that everyone has the potential for brilliance.

About Avantskill

At Avantskill, we wish to impart technology-driven English Language Training to those who struggle the most to find quality training options at affordable prices. Our model seeks to help those who are unable to find quality training and resources within their economical means. We also provide free English and IT training to underprivileged children, youth and women in Kolkata. Our motto is to give them the basic skills necessary to access better opportunities. We are aware that it is only a small measure, however, we believe that it is ultimately through these small measures that collectively enable a bigger change. We hope that through this venture we will be able to break down the English language barrier faced by common people in India.

Avantskill is the brainchild of Anita Chakrabarti who has systematically worked towards learning and unlearning the processes of teaching English as a foreign language over the years. Being a native English teacher, she has worked as an EFL teacher and ESL teacher for over 18 years. During this time, she has travelled widely teaching English in other countries, such as, Egypt, Indonesia, Poland, China and India. Her initiation into the field of EFL teaching started in Oxford, UK. It was while she was doing ITC from the Oxford ESOL centre, she discovered the riveting world of EFL and communication. After completing the course, she also did NVQ 2 certification course on Children with Special Educational needs from Oxfordshire County Council. She later went on to complete her CELTA from the British Council. She has not just worked as an English teacher but has also been an avid researcher and ELT material developer. She firmly believes that “learning is a cooperative process, whereby, the teacher acts as a suitable guide to help the students generate and develop the skills required to bring out their true potential.”


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