Monday, January 19, 2009

The Ultimate Yellow Pages Site Launched in Calcutta !!


LEGAL (P) Ltd. was founded with the vision of being a different type of company, a customer friendly, technology service company that was easy to do business with.


All our services are backed by our unique customer service philosophy what we call Live-Support. To ensure that Live-Support endures, we've made our legal information easily accessible. For questions related to these documents, please contact a (P) Ltd. representative.


Master Service Agreement

Master Services Agreement denotes standard contract between (P) Ltd. and our customers.

Master Service Agreement


Acceptable Use Policy

Information and Policies about what type of behavior is and is not allowed on the (P) Ltd. Servers & Network.

Acceptable Use Policy


Privacy Statement (P) Ltd. has created this privacy statement that sets forth our information gathering, data security and dissemination practices.

Privacy Policy


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