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Dr. Ramanath Roychowdhury (Ph.D.)

Dr. Roychowdhury is a Lifestyle management expert, Counselling psychologist and renowned Yoga therapist, Yoga authority, Yoga scientist for lifestyle related psychosomatic and psychiatric disorders.

He has highest degree in yoga & Meditation (Phd in yoga). He has Mphil in psychology & PG in wellness management. He has vast knowledge and experience in Yoga therapy, Stress management, Counselling & lifestyle Modification.

Dr. Roychowdhury trained hundreds of yoga therapist, helped thousands of people with chronic disorders and has carried out research into the effectiveness of Yoga therapy for high Bp & cardiovascular disorder, bronchial asthma, diabetes mellitus, prostate problems, depression and several other ailments. He has been conducting seminars on stress management & Yoga therapy as well as lifestyle modification classes into various corporates and govt and private offices.

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