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While seeking treatment for cancer the first thing to remember is that Cancer is NOT one SINGLE disease but a universal name for many widely different types of malignant diseases.

That is why designs and results of cancer treatment vary widely from one person to another and depend on many factors

which come together to play. Factors like the exact type of cancer, the organ involved, patient’s age, sex, general
health, early or late stage of the disease, and the time and kind of treatment done, to name a few.

Surgical Oncology: FAQ
Radical or Conservative surgery?
Radical surgery practically means removal of a whole organ along with surrounding tissues and nodes,
Newspaper Articles
The War to Save the World
by Arunabha Sengupta, telegraphindia.com, 8 March 2014
Eating and other tips
People who generally eat well, sleep well, and try to stay well tolerate cancer treatment better. So one should take measures to ensure that.