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Multi talented personality Kalipada Das was born on 1952 at Berhampore of Murshidabad District of West Bengal, India. His natural fluencies are on many fields like Poetry, Prose, Story, Journalism, Transition, Lyrics etc. He had started his journalist career at the newspaper, “Dainik Basumati”, in 1973. Kalipada Das is a very renowned name in the field of Translation. His translated writings are always cent percent nearer to the main basic theme, these are always very similar, sweety and faithful to the prime writings. He has a credential contribution to make the successful arena of Translation in the Bengali Literature. His contributions on Translations for the Bengali Literature are very remembrance to the Bengali Common readers. He has fluency on Hindi as well as his mother tongue, Bengali language. He has achieved the “Non-Hindi Speaking Hindi Writer Award” from the President of India on 1993 for his story book on Hindi language. His stories have been translated on many languages like Telegu, Punjabi, Asamia, Rajasthani, Orriya, Hindi etc. An excellent story has been included in the collection of Indian short Stories, “Antologija Kratke Price Indije” published from Belgrade of Yugoslavia. The famous translator of Sahitya Academy, Kalipada Das is presently the Public Relation officer of a Cancer Research Organisation,D.S.Research Centre and The Calcutta Correspondent of the leading national daily news paper, “Inqilab”, published from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has a lots of creations as a lyricist. Some CDs on songs are already published. His wife, Sumitra, his son - Kausik, his daughter Piyali, Daughter-in-law Tamasa & Son-in-law Anirban.

Awards -        
award award award award
Award From

Award from IFFCO

Receiving Awards from President
I  'Non Hindi Speaking Hindi Writer Award' from the President of India-1993
2  'Bani Ratna Samman' from Prayag-1993
3. 'Sahitya Ratnakar Samman' from Bihar-1995
4. 'Gopal Maheswari Award' from West Bengal-1997
5. 'Bhasha Kumbh Samman' from Karnataka -2004
6. 'Srijan Samman-2008'-from the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Raipur-2008
7. 'Sanad -2009' from Bangladesh-2009
8. Rajbhasha Samman <IFFCO Award> from IFFCO, New Delhi- 2010
1. Dark side Mahabharat 2. Nishi Raater Atanko 3. Reiki 4. Swargo-Marto-Patal 5. Sanataner
Dwiba Swapna (Hindi) etc.
1. Katha Sagar (A collection of 25 Hindi Stories) 2. Mithya Sattya (Sahitya Akademi)3. Jay Shankar Prasad (Sahitya Akademi) 4. Bahadur Chhele Meye (Pub. Div. Govt, of India) 5. Kato Na Pakistan (Papyrus) 6. Marujhar 7. Chhinna Masta 8. Bibarta 9. Eto Kichhu 10. Lalpari ll. Essays of Ram Chandra Shukla 12. Maa Maati Manusher Galpo(A Collection of Indian Short Stories,BangIadesh) 13. Apadarth (Hindi) 14. Pritha (Hindi) 15. Anaam (Poems of Kanhaia Lal Sethia) etc.
  With Kamaleswar With Atal Bihari Vajpayee

With Dr. Yunus (Noble laureate)

Some of Expressions :

1. This story-compilation of Kalipada, based on human sensitiveness, is a special addition to the literature. He is working as a bridge in between Hindi and Bengali languages by his translations.
- Vishnu Pravakar, the Famous Hindi Writer, Delhi

2. You are engaged in such a nation-wide contributors for translations, that is not only appreciable, that should be folowable.
- Dr. Shyam Singh Sasi, Director, Publication Dept., India Govt., Delhi

3. He has a strange power to catch the every factor of life and Psychological sharpness, so he has been become successful even for writing stories on very little, simple and common matters.
- Dr. Rajendra Pardesi, Poet & essayist, Director, “Bharatiya kala Sahitya Sansthan”, Koylabar, Bihar

4. Kalipada Das is a established writer, thinker, social-scientist and story –writer. He has made a proper value addition on social relations, especially on Bengali Common life.
- Kalyanmal Lodha, Essayist & Critic, Calcutta University

5. He is doing the hard works on translations from Bengali to Hindi and vise versa. He has realized that the main factor of National Integrity is based on the give and take communications in between languages and cultures. Kalipada Das has captured the hindi language by his sincere and hard practice, even being a graduate of Bengali language.
- Aajkal, Bengali Daily News-paper, Kolkata

6. They who show the neglected attitude to Hindi, should take the learning from Sri Das.
- Harish Kumar Sethi, Professor, Hindi Dept., Manabik Vidyapith, IGNOU

7. Today, many universities of different states of India have included the comparative Indian literature in literary syllabus. But there are hard to avail proper text books for teaching. This problem will be cleared if such quality translator like Kalipada Das would have come forward from other Indian languages.
- Nabanita Deb Sen, Famous Bengali Writer, Kolkata

8. I have read the English translation of your stories. Excellent ! I have charmed by the matter and style of your stories.
- Radoslav Bratic, Writer & Editor, Belgrade

9. Translation is a very critical task, you have selected that task, congratulation!
- W. Radiche, Writer & tagore Researcher.

10. Your contributions and hard works are utmost praisable for translated literature.
- Caroline Rite, Poet & Researcher

11. Clearness on judgment and thinking and clear speeching is the great quality of Kalipada Das. The reasons of his stories, especially which I have read or translated into Punjabi, attracts the common readers are based on humanity and his human-sense.
- Ram Singha Chahal, Punjabi writer & Translator, Mansa, Punjab.

12. The awarded book (“Non-Hindi Speaking Hindi Writer Award” from the President of India) is based on human relations in all stories and beyond that relation there is a truth, a philosophy which inspires the human idealism …….
- Dr. Indranath Chowdhury, Director, Sahitya Academy, Delhi.

13. Kalipada is like my brother. He is a good writer and translator. Intellactuals will remember him for long time for his contribution on translations for long years which helped to make bridge of culture in Indian Literature.
- Kamaleswar, Famous Hindi Writer and Dramatist, Delhi

14. Translator Kalipada Das is expert in both languages – Hindi and Bengali. He has awarded for his story books in Hindi languages. He has translated a lots of books in Bengali from Hindi.
- Sunil Gangopadhyay, Famous Bengali Writer, Kolkata.




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