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Ektaaraate Aadhkhaanaa Gaan :
by Sandip Bandyopadhyay

In this assortment of memoirs Sandip has looked back at his adolescent and youthful days with a bold frankness and the tone of his writings is marked by a serene detachment rather than a romantic nostalgia. The readers will be enriched with the experiences of a social thinker who has the rare distinction of having worked amidst the footpath urchins, the tribals and the sex workers. Sandip has to his credit a number of fictions and non-fictions which have created a niche among the educated and serious readers of today.

Katha Balar Mukh/ Mrita Jonakir Bilin Aloy / Jebramayay Jiban
by Abhijit Raygupta

These three books of poems, published in 2007, 2008 and 2009, encompass the many-hued splendour of Abhijit's poetry. The first book contains 131 poems selected out of 600 and odd poems written over a long span of 35 years from 1972 to 2007. The myriad moods of the poet from the dark melancholy of solitude and illness to the warm assurances of life and love have been depicted in a fluent and spontaneous diction which is at times Shaktiesque and yet bears the unmistakable stamp of Abhijit's personality as a poet of his time. The other two books, containing 160 poems written in two years from 2007 to 2009, show him at his prolific best, his soul standing as a centripetal force at the centre of his poetic world and seeking to explore the relation between the poet as a man and his surroundings.

Doba Jahajer Piano / Niyatidhusar Pathguli
by Shuvanan Ray

The first of these two books contains 86 poems written over a period of 16 years from 1990 to 2006. An introspective journey of a sensitive soul in a contemporary world full of contradictions, Shuvanan's poetry has the prismatic quality of throwing diverse lights upon the common human experiences. The intense emotions of love, of personal inadequacies, of the dreams of transcending the barriers, of longing for a fuller life and of the helpless apprehensions of the imminent have been expressed in these poems against a backdrop of an empathizing nature as well as an insouciant social milieu. His second book, containing 54 untitled poems written in a short span following a personal crisis, gives us fragmentary glimpses into his past associations which, popping up from oblivion, haunt him with a feeling of life's brittleness. However, despite his awareness of his personal past as well as of history in general, Shuvanan is all for writing paeans for the present, for he knows that it is the living heart which reverberates with music.

Samudrer Dana
by Bipratip Guha

It is sad that a talented poet like Bipratip remains unnoticed amidst a crowd of ordinary writers masquerading as poets. This book harvests 82 poems out of a large number written over a period of 37 years. With his romantic imagination and rich diction Bipratip can turn even the commonplace experiences of everyday existence into sparkling poetry. The readers are amazed by his display of diverse emotions of love and self-pity, lust for life and fear of death, epiphanous ecstasy and a sense of futility permeating throughout his poems in exquisite aesthetic patterns.



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