Dr. Akumar Maity an scientist and a researcher in the dreaded disease cancer, has cre­ated quite a sensation in Barak Valley with his message of hope for the hopeless. Dr. Maity came to Silchar a few months back and took up the responsibility of some cancer patients who have virtually been written off by other doc­tors and succeeded in curing them to a great ex­tent. Dr. Akumar Maity, at­tached to Jibandeep Can­cer Research Centre of Kolkata, takes reason­able pride for being able to put some cancer pa­tients to the road of recov­ery. Many cancer patients treated by Dr. Maity, have started living a norma,' life in Barak Valley and other parts of the country. He had beenworking hard with the aim of inventing a cure for cancer and suc­ceed in developing the wonder drug 'Alpa - 2'. This drug is prepared with extracts from some sea animals, fungi and some other wild animals. The use of this drug (medi­cine) is also very simple. In Silchar cancer affected Karunamoy Chakraborty of Malugram Shibbari Road, Manju.

Chakraborty of Sonai Road, Sarojini Das of Idgah Road, Hiralal Debnath of Gunghoor, Tapashi Baidyaand many others bear testimony to the effectiveness of Apha-2.Karunamoy Chakaborty and many others are in the way to recovery and have be­come almost normal. The cost of treatment under Dr. Maity is not too much. It amounts to about Rs. 15,000 and that too pay­able to Dr. Maity after be­ing cured. People of the below the poverty line category are treated free of cost. Dr. Maity's mis­sion is. to serve the striken humanity and he is pursuing the same with single minded de­votion. Dr. Maity talked with the present scribe over his Mobile No. 09830523044. He made it com­pletely clear that he wont sell the proprietory right of this drug. Some countries of the West, like the USA, France, Germany et.al., have fixed the mon­etary value of this wonder drug to few crores of ru­pees. Dr. Maity have even been offered citizenship of those countries but he spurned all those offers. The lure of money and a life of luxury have no at­traction for Dr. Maity. He is firmly resolved to serve his poor working country­men with the drug he in­vented after many years of hard labour. In a tete-a-tete with this scribe, Dr. Maity indicated his love for Barak Valley and its people and his desire to serve here.
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