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The SIP Abacus & Brain Gym programme is a "whole brain development' programme combining the Eastern method of learning, the Abacus system, with the Western science of Brain Gym. Developed by Mr. Kelvin Tham in 1997, this programme has significantly advanced Abacus training in Malaysia. The current enhanced version of this programme uses Abacus and Brain Gym techniques to enhance the interaction between the left and the right brain.
The programme focuses on children aged 7 - 12 years. The knowledge of numbers from 0 - 9 is all that is required to start with "The harder I practice, the luckier I get" is the mantra for this skill based programme.



This "Abacus and Brain Gym" programme is a system of education that maximises the potential of the child's brain. Scientific research has proved that the use of Abacus stimulates the nerves in the child's fingers and sends messages through the neurons to the brain. Working on abacus optimises and integrates the functions of the left and the right brain during the early years. Brain Gym exercises designed by Dr. Paul Dennison enhance communication flow between functional centres of the brain and remove mental blocks, resulting in whole brain development.


The SIP Abacus & Brain Gym programme has been designed to help the child

  • improve concentration, comprehension, retention & recall, logical reasoning and speed & accuracy of computing skill
  • enjoy learning and reduce stress, feel and act more confident
  • grasp concepts faster and become more attentive
  • learn to compete and win
  • improve numerical ability.

This programme has 11 levels of learning spread across 3 courses: Foundation, Advanced and Grand Module levels.

 Duration per level: 12-14 sessions
 One session each week
 Session duration: 135 minutes
 Maximum 15 students per session per instructor.
 Certificates are awarded on successful completion of each level.


The SIP Abacus & Brain Gym programme is currently available in 10 countries. More than 3,25,000 children from 1000 Learning Centres spread across these countries have benefitted from this programme. In India, this programme was initiated in January 2002. As on June 2009, this programme reaches out to more than 1,00,000 children in 160 cities across 20 states through 450 Learning Centres supported by 25 Area Offices. SIP is penetrating smaller towns to help children improve life-skills.

SIP India is managed by a team of professionals and is an ISO certified organisation.

AMAL, the child-oriented, skills-centric programme has been envisioned on the proven fact that appropriate training at a young age sparks individual excellence. AAAAL is thus a programme for children in the age group 5-7 years.

This pipneering programme based around the concept of'Accelerated Learning' has
revolutionised learning and improved skills in.children across the world.

AMAL (Accelerated Mental Learning) has been developed with a vision to build and improve multiple intelligences in the child. It is a tried and tested 'fun based approach' of imparting concepts to children by specially trained faculty in the following course components.


Linguistic Story Telling
Expressive skills
Intra personal Visual Reminders Teaches values
Visual-Spatial Coloring Activities Builds psychomotor skills
Interpersonal GD and Games Cognitive skills
Bodily-Kinesthetic Brain Gym, Games Integrates the whole brain
Naturalist Activities Love for nature
Logical-Mathematical Abacus
Imparts numerical skills
Musical Alpha Music
Helps sub-conscious learning


  • Boost's child's self confidence
  • Enhances communication skills
  • Learns to avoid repetition of mistakes
  • Improves problem solving skills
  • Builds team spirit & socializing skills
  • Learns to enjoy working with numbers


Handwriting & Callygraphy

Writing with hand is not only on act of rejoices but also it reflects many qualities of us like confidence, character, discipline, maturity & concentration etc. Insteade of printed if some hand written message is sent to some close one it not onlt heals the recipient but also rejuvenates their heart by making them feel the sender's presence. Handwriting plays the role of a enough it mesmerizes the viewer and cure them by filling their heart with a deep mysterious force of love, for a beautiful handwriting gets propagated from the core of heart. So with objective to spread love among humanity through handwriting. We have launched this course, which we hope learners from any field and of any age certainly take the full benefit by our techniques.

Four Aspects of Handwriting

Accuracy contains size, shape and ratio. At first we have to take care of these important elements. All the letters should maintain the size according to the lines within which they have to be written. Shape should be as taught in this workbook. Letters must maintain a particular distance & ratio. At the beginning we may possibly be tempted to learn fast that hinders the accuracy.

Flow: After accuracy flow is an important factor. Flow should be in 60 - degree angle towards the right hand side. In this way writing becomes easy to write fast & legibly by joining the letter with another.

Speed: When the accuracy and flow are achieved we can increase the speed very gradually. If writing speed affects the accuracy and flow we should again be cautious about the two. Most of the student, in the beginning, are tempted to learn to write fast because lack of patience which may spoil the entire essence of the learning. Before speed we have to consider accuracy & flow.

Beauty: The ideal combination and ratio of the above three features is beauty. There is no end to beauty. As we keep writing through the rest of our life the beauty will keep adding itself to our writing.



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