Mahatirtha Diamond
Mahatirtha Diamond Alta
Mahatirtha Merun (DLX)
Mahatirtha Golden
Mahatirtha Silver
Mahatirtha ‘s Maa Box
Mahatirtha ‘s Rintex Maa Box
Mahatirtha Merun Box
Mahatirtha P-Max (Merun Box)
Mahatirtha Rintex Box
Mahatirtha Merun Pouch
Mahatirtha Rintex Pouch
Mahatirtha Chayanika
Mahatirtha Maa Pouch
Mahatirtha P- Max (P)
Mahatirtha Pata Pouch
Mahatirtha Big Alta
Mahatirtha Medium Alta
Mahatirtha Small Alta
Mahatirtha Maa Silver
Mahatirtha Lighten Liquid Blue (75ml)
Mahatirtha Lighten Liquid Blue (30ml)


Alta & Sindur is the Part and Parcel of Married Indian Women. Actually, Alta & Sindur Is The Symbol Of Luck Of Every Woman; Heavenly Feelings. Radiance Of The Beauty Of Woman Shows Best With Mahatirtha Sindur & Alta Late Manindra Mohan Dutta Established Mahatirtha Sindur Company (Prosanta Shilpa Protisthan Pvt Limited) In The Year 1975. The quality of our products are always good for skin. Our collection has served as an elegant way to enhance the elegance and beauty of an individual. The various designs, of our fancy binds provide an insight into the traditions that had their origins deep in the past.

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