Our Productions :
Feature Films :
Cancer (2001)
Containing towering performances by Soumitra Chatterji and Tapas Pal, the film has won critical acclaim from all quarters and had a successful run with the city audience. It has received several regional awards as well.

Abar Arannye (2003)
An unconventional sequel to Satyajit Ray's 1970 classic ARANYER DIN RATRI, this film had been simultaneously screened in the competition section of Toronto and Venice film festival in 2003. The film with a cast of Tabu in an edged performance, has won several national and international awards as well.

Agni (2004)
Made at a one crore plus budget, AGNI was our stepping stone to the mass market of regional cinema. The visual grandeur and technical excellence of the song sequences and action stunts are truly captivating in this movie. It was the biggest grosser of the year in its time and is still remembered as a major hit film.

Devi (2005)
A socio-mythological story with lots of visual effects, DEVI had received tremendous audience response. The film contains 18 minutes of high quality CG animation of stunning visuals. The subject itself was a welcome break from the routine blood & gore revenge themes dominating the commercial film sector. The film did phenomenally well in the rural belt.

Sangram (2005)
A total budget grossing 1.5 crores , a cast comprising of almost every big star in Tollywood, scenic locations at Vizag and fabulous sets are the key features of the film. It had a good run all over the state even though cinema business in Bengal had hit a low that year because of piracy menace.

Hungama (2006)
This film stars the nationally renowned actor Mithun Chakraborty in the role of a buffoon. Since its release the film has left the trade pundits amazed with its exceptional collection record. The media has termed this film as a real clean entertainment movie. This 2 crore plus project has proved that a good story and good performance still works fine with the audience.

Kailashe Kelenkari (2007) 
This feature film is directed by Mr. Sandip Roy, and is based upon Satyajit Roy’s famous creation Feluda. Salient features include the picturesque locations at Ellora Caves and a plane crash site created at the out skirts of Kolkata. It has been a massive hit competing successfully with Bollywood biggy Taare Zameen Par.

Jor (2008)
This is Swapan Saha’s fourth feature film with our production house. It is a romantic musical and the music is by S.P.Venkatesh. It has fared very well in the mainstream commercial circuit.

Golmaal (2008)
Based on the super hit Tamil film Thenkashipattanam the film is a multi-starer. The comedy plots have gone down well with the audience and the film is one of the highest grosses of 2008.

Takkar (2008)
We were the executive producer and distributor for this maiden venture of Zee Motion Pictures. The huge opening of the movie has ensured a grand entrance of Zee in the Bengali film market.

Tintorettor Jishu (2009)
A famous painting by Italian maestro Tintoretto is stolen and is chased by Feluda. This is the first Feluda film shot at a foreign location. It had become a huge hit during the holiday season of Christmas and New Year.

Mela (2009)
An out and out simple love story between two people who meet at a mela (a village fair) with a contemporary issue of branding women as witch. Rudranil Ghosh one of the best actors of today plays the male lead.

Olot Palot (2009)
A story of a rich guy and a poor guy who happen to live each others life and the chaos that follows is the theme of the movie. A fun movie to watch.

Angshumaner Chhobi (2009)
It is a film within a film. A story of relentless efforts by a young filmmaker to make a successful film by director Angshuman. The number of awards & critical acclamation that it received has mirrored the success of this film. Angshumaner chhobi was selected for competitive section of the 40th International Film Festival of India & of the Dhaka International Film festival.

Ei Prithibi Tomar Amar (2010)
Shibu is a hawker on the streets who sells toys. His mother dies unattended at a hospital due to lack of funds. One day he rescues a girl Purnima from a truck from  goons. Then the story carries forward.

Handa And Bhonda ( 2010)
The film has a star cast of Mithun Chakraborty and child actor Aritra in lead roles, with Paran Bandopadhyay and Supriya Devi. Mithun plays Handa - an ordinary man trying to live life simply & honestly. After his wife passes away, his son Bhonda ( Aritra) raises complications, partly due to generation gap. A twist in the tale happens when both exchange their souls. A film received very well by urban as well as rural audience.

Jio Kaka (2010)
This film is a contemporary story about three youths who dream to make it big in the tinsel town. It is their journey towards their dreams, which add to the humor of the film. The twist in the story happens when to fulfill their dream they kidnap a renowned heroine played by Rituparna Sengupta. A happening youth centric film directed by debutante director Parambrata Chattopadhyay.

Arjun- (2013)

  • Arjun is a detective series By Sdamresh Majumder. The prime character is a young detective Arjun who happens to be a hero that many of us could identify with during our youth. T. Sarkar Productions takes initiative to bring forth Arjun from the pages of hidden books to the Big Screen.
  • Arjun, Kalimpong ey sitaharan was well received by audiience of all age groups.

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    Television serials :
    Spandan ( 2003-04)
    SPANDAN was based upon the first hand experience of author and neurologist Doctor Abhijit Tarafdar. The reality factor in the story and its chief protagonist's relentless fight against corruption caught audience attention pretty soon.The soap had completed a run of 526 episodes on Zee Bangla, registering a steady TRP.

    Devi ( 2005-06)
    The story of an ordinary housewife who becomes extra ordinary when confronted with anomaly and injustice in every day life. The structure of the serial allows for the introduction of story lines based upon current issues where the general public is being exploited. Hence audience identification with situations depicted in the serial is very strong.

    Labanyer Sansar (2005-06)
    Originally a product of IDEAS, this production later was handled by TSP on behalf of IDEAS. A typical comedy show of the slap stick genre, the serial has climbed the popularity charts at an amazing pace. The story successfully played with the south Kolkata and north Kolkata conflict. Even the late night repeat show registered excellent TRP.

    Chorabali (2006-07)
    This serial is again a bold deviation from the soaps in Bangla television. A major part of the serial has been shot at the remote Khejargaon region of Rajasthan. The cast includes all major television artists from Bengal. Even though it has been on aired for a short time, it gave stiff competition to well established serials. Chorabali has won four best awards in different categories.

    Anubhav (2007)
    A story about a middle class family girl falling for a not-so-acceptable boy, goes against family but ultimately meets with betrayal.

    Hero (2007)
    An out an out youth centric film. This serial dealt with the life and happenings of five young people.

    Akashe Shera Sahitya (2008)
    This is a literature based slot which features a single story/novel by famous authors, in a six day short series.

    Ei Ghar Ei Sansar (March’ 08)
    This serial scripted by Manjil Banerjee, a talented writer from the Jatra World. Direction is by Swapan Saha. Shot on lavish sets in cinematic style, this show  became a hot topic in Bengali industry. It was one of the best performing programs in the channel of its time. Ei Ghar Ei Sansar ran for 534 Episodes giving Zee Bangla highest TRP at one time.

    Alor Basa (November 2010- December 2011)
    A woman oriented serial aired on Rupasi Bangla, Alor Basa touched the hearts of the mass due to its feel good factor. It has been the number one serial on Rupasi Bangla and gave highest TRP on a then dead 7pm slot.

    Khelaghar (2013)

    • Khelaghar was an unusual light hearted story on the lives of a group of people who lived in the old age home by the same name.
    • This was their story of youth and living beyond 60.
    • Khelaghar  was fun, emotional and mirrored relationships beyond blood.
    • It had veteran and famous actors like Manoj Mitra, Dulal Lahiri, Debesh Rai Choudhury, Arun Bandopdhay, Alokananda Rai and the like.
    • Aired in the evening slot it grossed high TRP for Rupasi Bangla.

    Joto Haasi Toto Ranna (2013)

    • It’s a unique and first time concept of merging a fiction and non fiction comedy  story together.
    • It’s a cookery show produced in the form a television serial.
    • The protagonist Tithi learns a recipe each day from various members of her peculiarly funny Gupta family and with her the audience too learn unique and off the edge dishes.
    • Aired on an after noon  slot of  2pm on Star jalsa, Joto Hasi Toto Ranna scores more popularity and TRP than a few evening slot mega serials.
    Telefimls :
    • Batil
    • Rasta ta Jekhaney Sesh
    • Ashruto Shruti
    • Dinantey
    • Passport
    • Eke Eke Teen
    • Robibarer Bioscope

    • During the year 2004, TSP had produced eight tele films for a ninety minute weekly slot over Alpha Bangla (Zee). Shot in a tight budget and limited schedule, each tele film was a challenge in production planning and time management. These projects offered TSP to work with comparatively new directors. But each film had box artists in lead roles. Some of the stars seen in these tele films are Soumitra Chatterjee, Sabitri Chatterjee, Sabyasachi Chakrobarty, Rupa Ganguli, Indrani Haldar and others. In the year 2006, we had again produced tele films for the ROBIBARER BIOSCOPE slot over Zee Bangla. Directors like Anindita Sarbadhikari , Koushik Ganguli and Atanu Ghosh had worked in this project.

    • Indira was another successful project of  T.Sarkar Productions for Rupasi’r Sera Sahitya. During the one month when it was aired, it grossed high TRP for Rupasi. Even the repeat telecasts fetched good TRP’s for the channel.
    Short Serial :
    • In the year, 2004-05 TSP has produced four short serials for Zee Bangla. Each of these serials are distinctive in form and content, coupled with good performance by the cast. Here again production value at controlled cost was the main lookout. The final output in each case has been truly remarkable.

    • In the year 2006, we have produced a short series with a novel concept, titled TARPOR RABINDRANATH for Zee Bangla. The series consists of five characters from the short stories by Rabindranath Tagore . Each story is an extension of the original story by Tagore, exploring the fate and fortunes of the characters in contemporary times. Directed by Koushik Ganguly, the series has been telecast during May-June 2006.

    • Another venture undertaken by us was Paanch Diner Golpo.
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