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It is a novel for finding out the strength to combat the situation with the joint force of people who are constantly cultivating themselves and other creatures of nature whom we know as deaf and dumb and tolerating our negligence of different layers. The only objective of the novel is to send the message to those who are sitting idle and doing enjoyment on the thought that nobody is there to face us and their mouth is shut by adopting narrow paths. It is outstanding in the sense that for making the entire novel, a special character called 'Shukpakhi' has been brought into light who have flown throughout the Novel as a mark of consciousness of society's enlightenment. It is a different category of novel which has been quoted as a new mark in literature and being discussed in many Seminars in Universities and in Literary Forum of different platforms.


It is not the concept and idea indebted to Epics Mahabharata. On the contrary, just the opposite thought which leads to change in ones' own mind and adopting sealed life to awaken oneself instead of punishment so that one could face such a composite world by virtue of his knowing the art which is needed to facade the acrimony of negative mind. The objective of the Novel is to show the path of poetic world and the inner beauty of earth. The character moves around Bangladesh and West Bengal of twentieth century. This thought is touching far advanced stage beyond the present time & space.


It has got significance in the context of our poor labourers who are engaged in brickfield and focusing on building construction in exchange of their sweating with poor salary and by time-bound bonded labourer. People in society are having concrete house but they are living in a mud wretched house and becoming victim of nexus between political opportunists and unscrupulous and dishonest businessman. This novel is not only throwing the light of brickfield tragedy but also the crude reality surrounding the people of downgraded mentality of now and then and also the generation change. Searching is only which should be the path? This novel has been the topics of discussion amongst the general readers, critics and intellectuals.


A pathfinder is a one who is special and can come out from any genre of society. Here is a character who had sacrificed total life and does not want any ambiguity and not go througlxthe fallacy. He loves common people and always want to eradicate the sufferings and problems being faced throughout their journey in life. He unified himself amongst them and applies his intellectualism he has acquired by constant visualization and dealings. This character is the demand of time in the context of our Indian society.


People are day by day connecting themselves to the world of land which they had left long back for political reason and natural calamity or due to their migration long back. Their only quest who will be able to make themselves introduced with their paternal land and its identification. It is a genuine crisis and our inner crying for those who truly lost it. Stoppage is not the gap but blockage of mind creates the distance which one will have to cover up. To know the fragrance of soil is an art which one will have to learn and here, a camel is the actual guider who knows all the secrets of smell of earth. She has done this in between light and dark. The form used in this novel is a unique one.


Yes, a word takes a great role in changing human mind. By a glimpse, it can affect human nature. Change due to influence of word may be positive or may be negative but word has got its own magic which we should admit. Now question is how it is formed. Everyday, word is dying and new word is getting birth. How we will nurture it? This question we will have to answer. This birth and death requires media, here it is human mind and body which we are neglecting and sometimes overlooking. We will have to know the creative people and nurture them for the sake of word. The Publishing House we are having has really bogged down us sometimes in absence of knowledge for identification and creative struggle has been accentuated much more to reach the readers nationally and internationally. Their responsibility is to make business and not flourish the new talent and recognize their fight back. This novel is searching towards entire scenario how a writer has been shaped, what are the circumstances he is facing for lifting his own word and world. Already this thought have got admiration and is fulfilling their wish after a long interval on the subject. The way it has been depicted is simply outstanding as per critics.


More than hundred short stories have been written. Most of the stories have got appreciation and respect from the readers and critics for its strength, language and from which is totally new one. Only near about 80 short stories have got its place in six books viz. Meghjeevan, Gunhar Patabhumi, Chaitanya Prangan, Post Mortem, Hawa Badle Jaih, Rodh Pakhi. No. of criticisms in different journals and dailies is nearing fifty. These collection of short stories have brought AWARDS from different literary platforms for its opening different dimension. I got innumerable pleasure in writing short stories for its intrinsic values & ideas and above all its purpose.. I can discover myself and my relation with the society.

Throughout my journey in writing short stories, I always emphasized on the subjects which I felt comfortable to be structured in short story periphery. Emotion, sentiment and lifestyle of common man, their day-to-day struggle for living, their culture does always influence my thoughts, particulary misery of people of oppressed section, people of religious blindness & fanatics, extremism, above all, beauty of nature and relational aspect of nature & human being instigate me to write on these aspects. My only focus is to portray the character which acts as the basis directing not on the incident but the leftover layers, steaming out in my realization. Let people see that world which they could not see in their naked eyes and take shelter gradually through their vision, understanding & mental exercise. Any kind of art form, be it short stories, painting, sculptures, has got co-relation & common objectives i.e. to recreate the reality with its different facets. In my stories, I always try to leave space for my readers to understand the inner strength of word and form accompanied by its multi-discourse fusion so that new windows of spectacle is emerged. Readers could understand the point in between reality and reality to depict.

I believe the unreal world has got its own colour and characteristics. Real world has got substantiated by the elements of unreal world and gradually get penetration into real world. With such addition and subtraction, expansion and contraction of real world formation is materialized, we are used to live in such reality combined with apparent unreality. This searching I have been doing continuously in my story flowing into different flavor based on the inputs surrounding my own environment in Bengal.