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Servo Voltage Stabiliser

From 1 KVA to 500 KVA range



Output Voltage Setting


The output voltage can be set anywhere between between 220 - 240V / 380 - 415V 

Output Voltage Regulation : ± 0.5% to 1% (adjustable)
Output Wave Form : The output wave form is a true replica of the input
Correction Rate : 35V / Sec. for each phase
Effect of Load Power Factor : None
Metering : Continuous monitoring of input / output voltage
Input Indications : High & Low voltage indicators (with audible alarm)
Controls : Automatic / Manual
Protection : Circuit Breaker
Ambient Temperature : Up to 45ºC max.
Nature of Cooling : Air Cooled
Type of Motor : A. C. Step Synchronous Motor

Constant Voltage Transformer

The Constant Voltage Transformers is designed to protect your Computer, EPABX, FAX and every other kind of sophisticated equipment from electrical hazards.


The Constant Voltage Transformers provides clean, isolated power free from spikes, surges and line disturbances; so necessary for microprocessor based systems. Instant correction of voltage is provided and any rapid change in input line voltage is taken care of. It obviates the need for an additional isolation transformer.


The machine provides overload, overvoltage and short circuit protection. High isolation between output and input helps in suppressing spikes and transients and ensures zero potential between ground and neutral of output. Minimum harmonic distortion is obtained at the output even if square or distorted wave form is fed at the input.


Relay Type Voltage Stabiliser



Input Range

Output Range

VVA-5004(Spl) 0.5 KVA 130-280V 180-245V+/-2%
VVA-5004(CT) 0.5 KVA 130-280V 200-240V+/-2%
VVA-5006(Spl) 0.5 KVA 110-270V 210-210V+/-5%
VVA-5K4(LINE LOAD 5KVA 125-280V 200-240V+/-2%
WM-5K3 CT 5KVA 145-270V -
WM-5K4 CT 5KVA 130-270V -



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