For proper sizing and correct selection of Worm Gear Units the following information should be available. If we are to make the selection, these should be submitted in full to our Sales & Technical Development team.
POWER - Prime mover, type and output horse power/kilowatt Gear unit input and output horse power / kilowatt
SPEED - Gear unit input and output rev/min
DUTY - The characteristics of the drive, e.g. degree of impulsiveness of driven load.
Duration of service in hours/day.
Starting load (kw) and number of stars
For intermittent duty, reversing or shock loading, state normal power, max power
and frequency
Disposition and details or external loads imposed on input/output shafts
Working condition, clean duty, moist, abnormal temperature, etc.
If the operating condition is in anyway abnormal it is advisable to contact our Sales
& Technical department.
GEAR BOX RANGE Size 2.25" to 17" both Horizontal & Vertical as per requirement
Vertical Gear
Internal Section of Horizontal Under Driven
Horizontal Under Driven
High Mast Gearbox
Double Reduction Gear
Double Reduction Worm Gear
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