We are an old and established firm of 3 decades rendering service to Industry in all fields by anticorrosion treatment of fabricated structure bridge girders, by sand, grit, quartz blasting to standard  prctice and metallizing with any metal (Al, Zinc etc) to the required thickness and Epoxy system paints as per required dft., rubber / FRP Linning of Tanks and Vessels etc.


Both companies are fully covered with  PF & ESI, Trade Licence since inception.


Our Works is situated at Biradinghi, Benaras Road, Howrah-8, Phone no. 2651 - 5636 having approx area is 1.6 Bighas, fully secured with all around 10ft high boundary wall with 18ft front gate easily accessible to & fro transportation of Truck and Tailors. We have facility both for sand & grit blasting and fully equipped with all sorts of machinery with handling facilities, 50% of the space is covered with shed & movable trolley and mobile crane - 18 yrs old set-up with skilled personnel