You can also be Unusually farsighted with supernatural powers, for obtaining the book send 4400/-

Shri Goutam Bhakti Siddhanta Bharati, F.R.A.S.(London)

an ardent devotee of Goddess Kali, wellknown and acclaimed all around by
prominent personalities for his impalpable farsight is the youngest son of his
illustrious father Late Gouranga Bharati Thakur who happens to be the brother of Paramhansa Narayan Thakur son of famous Tantrik Baroda Kanta Bachaspati of Manasabari in Kotalipara, village Ratal, Faridpur district of present Bangladesh.

Rs. 120/-

Rs. 120/-

Goutam Bharati, F.R.A.S. (London) successor of 350 years old 'Mother worshipper' family.

He has undisputable emportise in the following fields :

Goutam Bharati is a sure success in Mahanabagraha (Super Planetary Positions), Mahamahoushadhi, Yantram-sarbobijoy, Tripad dosha, honour and subjugating enemies. Satima Yantram Karma, Debighat, Dakshinabarta Shankha Business, Dhanada Yantre Dhanalava, Bastudoshe Bastu Yantram, Mritabatsya - for bearing children, Prajapati Yantram - for Marriage, Bhouma & Kalsarpadoshe Bagala, Kalsharpa Yantram, for problem in Love life & marriage life, Photograph mesmerism - to gain control over enemies and libertine relatives, Maha mrityunjoy - for unforseen and impending dangers, For education - 'Saraswati Yantram', 'Dashamahavidya' - for fulfillment of wishes, desires and faulty planetary positions, 'Janhabhi Yantram' - for desease in brain, In special cases if Goutam Bharati feels, gives more than one Yantram together simutaneously to a deserving candidate. If required he gives 100% pure G.S.I. gems.

Special analysis Rs. 4400/-
Members will get special facility
Drafts are to be sent by the name of
Goutam Acharya




Head Office :-
Sri Sri Shivkali Ashram

Tegharia, Nishikanan,
Kolkata– 700 059,
Mobile : +91 94331 30717

+ 91 93308 07070
+91 8017509980
Road Direction :-
From Ultadanga catch a bus
to Dum Dum Air Port. Drop at Teghoria Bus stop, 5 minutes rickshaw to
Sri Sri Shivkali Ashram.

Visiting Day & Time :-
Wednesday, Sunday Evening closed
Every Evening - 4 to 6 p.m.
Sunday Morning - 8 to 11 a.m.
Thursday closed.

Branch Office :-
Only one Branch Office,
P-251, Laketown Main Road,
Block - B, Flat - 2C,
2nd Floor, Kolkata - 700 089


Visiting Day & Time :-
Only Wednesday Evening -
4 to 7 p.m.

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