(A Unit of St. Sebastian's School, Seal Lane, Affiliated to the Council for the ICSE & ISC Examinations, New Delhi)


Our Astitwa

Integrated Institute for slow learners & children with special need (Associate of Dewdrops Montessori and St. Sebastian’s School)

Our Astitwa is an institution dedicated to the care and upliftment of vulnerable children, particularly those who are slow learners, mentally challenged and with other moderate handicaps. Our Astitwa aspires to build a Society where vulnerability does not exist, where challenged children enjoy their rightful status in Society and receive equal opportunities to lead a life with dignity and self respect.


Age - 2 Years to 16 Years

Functional and Vocational Group 18 + (considering their ability)


1. Provides Education

a) Academics :

We help them to get education considering their capability and if possible prepare them to appear for exams from NIOS.
Facility with integration in Main stream (considering their age & capacity)

b) Personality Development :

Helping them to become independent individuals, to be able to perform activities like cleaning, washing, cooking, stitching, banking, marketing, etc. Community living is also in the curriculum.
We also help them to develop communication skills.

Marketing independently

c) Creative Activities :

Music, Dance, Art & Craft.

d) Physical Activities :

Yoga, Meditation , Pranayam, games and physical exercises.

1. Vocational Training

Vocational Training will be given after these children develop required skills.


For children who need more care, we provide them a different type of curriculum individually. Individual time has been allotted where one is to one ratio is maintained. We give them apparatus therapies, considering their special need and help them to overcome their problems so that they can mix easily in Society.

Vocational Facilities :

Computer, Printing, Practical Training in Plastic Technology, Grinding & Packaging of spices, food processing, making of incense sticks (dhoop) & candle making, cooking & catering, book binding, stitching, Art & Craft, Marketing, Painting, Child Care Assistance.


In Our Astitwa, considering the child’s individual needs we provide help and therapy to overcome their individual deficiency to get integrated or to get inclusive education in the common stream considering their age and ability.

Under Integrated and Inclusive System, children with special needs are allowed to get integrated or get inclusive education in Dew Drops Montessori House and St. Sebastian’s School as we believe that it is essential for children with Down Syndrome, Autism and also slow learners to interact with mainstream children in a normal atmosphere and environment.

Under integrated Inclusive System the children sometimes follow the same curriculum with mainstream students or some times follow a special module where their syllabus is concise and answer patterns are objective type. These children are also encouraged to participate in Assembly, Physical Exercises, Music, Art & Craft, Computer, Sports and other cultural activities. Special educator is always available to help them.


We provide counselling facility to our children, as well as to their parents.
We also provide assistance and counselling for adults, who are suffering from common problems such as, problems related to drugs, alcohol and depression.

For enquiry please contact school office :


English, Hindi, Bengali (considering individual need). We give stress on English language to enable students to communicate widely.

Working in Montessori Environment
Computer Classes
Grinding & packaging of Spices
Getting inclusive education
Integrated environment in physical exercises


All classes are airy and well ventilated. Environment is designed in keeping with the needs of the student.

a) Montessori Section for mentally challenged children is fully equipped with Montessori Apparatus.

b) For slow learners, considering their age-group and capability, we maintain different groups (modules) and the class rooms are designed accordingly. The students also attend Dew Drops Montessori & St. Sebastian’s according to their capability and age group.

c) In vocational training we are well equipped with computers and different machines to facilitate training

SESSION : April to March




A Special programme above 18 years :"BEYOND OUR BOUNDARY"
Vocational Training - - - 11 - 18 years Note : Age criteria varies as per ability of the child.


Montessori Section - - - 8.30/9 am to 11 am / 12.00 Noon
Primary & Secondary Section 9 A.M. - 1/1.30 P.M./ 2.00 pm (Considering the capability of the child to stay back)
For children who need more care, we provide special time slot 11.30 A.M. - 2.00 P.M.
Children should reach at least 15 minutes before the school starts.


Caution Money (Adjustable)
Monthly Tuition Fees
Activity, Computer
Vocational Training

Note :

Advance Fee for one month should be paid while taking admission as caution money. One month prior notice should be given before withdrawing the child from the school, otherwise the advance will not be refunded.


Our Astitwa is an OBE Accredited Agency (AAS) under National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) which follows OPEN BASIC EDUCATION (OBE) programme which is equivalent to the Elementary Education Programme of the formal Education System.

The Clientele for OBE Programme

1) Children below 14 years of age

2) Adults above 14 years of age

The OBE Programme is offered at three level :

1) OBE Level 'A' : equivalent to Class I - III

2) OBE Level 'B' : equivalent to Class IV - V

3) OBE Level 'C' : equivalent to Class VI - VIII

Medium of Study :

(I)English (ii) Hindi (iii) Bengali

Scheme of studies for OBE at Level A, B, C

Level 'A' and 'B'
One language (from Group - 1) + Two academic subjects (from Group - 2) + One Pre- vocational subject (from Group - 3)
Level 'C'
One language (from Group - 1) + Three Academic subject (from Group - 2) + One Pre- Vocational Subject (from Group - 3)

Our Astitwa offers the following Subjects at Level A, B and C


Sl. No. Subject Code
Level 'A' Level 'B' Level 'C
1. Hindi
A101 B101 C101
2 English
A109 B109 C109
3. Bengali
A110 B110 C110


Sl. No. Subject Code
Level 'A' Level 'B' Level 'C
1. Environmental Studies
A102 B102 -------
2 Mathematics
A103 B103 C103
3. Social Science
------- ------- C102
4. Science
------ ------ C105
5. Basic Computer Skills
A104 B104 C104


Sl. No. Subject Code
Level 'A' Level 'B' Level 'C
1. Art & Craft
A134 B134 C134
2 Painting
A132 B132 C132
3. Food Processing
A108 B108 C108

Our Astitwa Provides Multiple Entry System for OBE Programme

Our Astitwa privately guides students for Secondary and Senior Secondary Course Since 2018 candidates have been clearing NIOS in Secondary and Senior Secondary Board Examination.

Expected to get affiliated for Secondary / Senior Secondary level (AI - NIOS)


SPECIAL EDUCATION also called special needs education , the education of children who differ socially, mentally or physically from average to an extent and require modification of usual Practices.
Special education serves children with emotional behavioral, cognitive, intellectual, hearing, vision, speech, learning disabilities or gifted children with orthopedic or neurological impairments.

The different domains of special education taught here are as follows :

Self help and Personality development - Self help skills are abilities that children gradually attain to give them more independence. It includes attain to give them more independence. It includes

Dressing and Grooming - This skill teaches them to be conscious of right and decent outfit and to take facial, hair, nail care.

Zipping / Buttoning / Unbuttoning - This skill helps a child to develop his / her eye - hand coordination and fine motor.

Hygiene & toileting - This skill develop self confidence and importance of cleanliness.

Feeding / Eating - This skill develop this fine motor skills, independence and food awareness.

Essential Life Skills (Vocational) Life skills make a child ready to face anything in life independently. It includes

Cooking - Nonflame / Flame - This skill makes them independent as well as aware of healthy food.

Communication skill - This skill masters child / teenager for interpersonal and relationships in personal and professional lines.

Marketing - This skill helps a child / teenager to learn the value of money, knowledge of product, price and develops communication skill, self confidence and travelling.

Bill sums - This help them to become proactive in calculation, Maths skill and organising financial document.

Filling different kinds of forms, cheque, bank slips This function helps a student to become independence, aware of security of money, improve communication skill, aware of different terms of banking and handling practically.

Recreational Skill This skill includes Physical activities.

Games & P.T.: These activities help to manage stress, improve health, promotes good memory and better level of confidence through different types of physical training and games.




Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy help in children’s growth, developmental milestones, emotion regulation, behaviour management, motor skills and communication skills. The different kinds of therapies taught here are -

Water Therapy - This therapy improves muscle tone, enhance circulation, reduce muscle spasticity.

Dance Therapy - This therapy facilitate life - span development , reduces anxiety, improves flexibility, improves health and increases energy.

Music Therapy - This therapy reduces stress, depression, promotes emotional wellness and improves cognitive function.

Yoga & Meditation - Yoga improves balance strength, and health issues. Meditation increases self awareness, patience, tolerance and reduces negative emotions.


Our Astitwa is offering a special program for children (above 18+) with limitations aiming to go beyond their boundaries and make a better place for themselves in the world around them

This program offers :

Self Esteem : To participate in different activities like exhibitions, functions, mentoring their young ones involving in social cause, encouragement to participate and take responsibilities in their family.

Communication : Taking part in Drama, elocution, extempore, Reading and Narration of stories, Anchoring our school functions, receiving phone calls, passing messages

Physical Wellness : Yoga, Meditation, Field activity, Awareness on cleanliness and being conscious about healthy food habit.


Academics : To understand and follow written instructions of writing skills; to grasp the areas of writing skills like letter writing, message writing, filling up of Biodata and other forms, operating bank passbooks, cheques, operating smart phones and make their uses in daily lifeskills, sending and receiving mails.

Amusement : Dance and Music, organise picnics, visit to Multiplex, Museum and various other places to get them accustomed with the surroundings.

Self Help : (i) Grooming and styling (ii) Cooking and serving (iii) setting of dining table and learning table manners. (iv) Organising and cleaning bedroom, drawing room, Wash room, his / her cupboard.


Computer Skills

Art & Craft

Craftship - Jute work, Block printing, glass painting, Embroidery.




Mrs. Sonali Majumder is the Founder of four Institutes - A) ST. SEBASTIAN’S SCHOOL, B) DEWDROPS MONTESSORI HOUSE, C) OUR ASTITWA, D) MARIA MONTESSORI TEACHER’S TRAINING CENTRE. She was awarded as a distinguished educationist and social activist award from ECOLES de la Terre, an organisation from Switzerland. The award was given for her attempt to create general awareness amongst the masses for the development and well being of children coming from economically weaker sections and giving them exposure to proper education as well as looking after their health.
Mrs. Sonali Majumder has received the Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement and Distinguished Services to Nation on 18th November, 2010 from Dr. Bhiswa Narayan Singh, Governor, Tamil Nadu and Assam.

Mrs. Majumder has also received the International Gold Star Millennium Award in Bangkok on 30th January, 2011 and Asia Pacific Award for excellence in Kathmandu in May 2011.
In September, 1980, Mrs. Majumder shifted to Kolkata from her home town Dehradun.
She joined a Montessori House as a Hindi teacher, and was moved by the environment and approach of the Montessori Method of teaching. Inspired, she laid the foundation of her own pre-primary school on 15th January, 1981 in a single room. Simultaneously she enrolled herself in the Montessori Teachers training under Montessori Internationale (AMI) and transformed her school into a Montessori House named DEWDROPS MONTESSORI HOUSE. Her inner urge for higher studies made her pursue and complete her graduation, B.Ed and LLB.
She then came in contact with a few challenged children and was touched to see their parent’s sorrows. She started admitting these children in her school and introduced the integrated system of learning. She then joined the SPECIAL EDUCATION COURSE conducted by Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi, where she qualified as a special educator for mentally and physically challenged children, and to render maximum service, she started an institute ‘OUR ASTITWA’ for children with special need.
She continued to expand in her sphere. She put up her banners on walls, oversaw construction of her school building herself and in this manner, the single room school was transformed to a massive four storied building. In 1991, she introduced the primary section and in 1999, she further introduced her high school named DEWDROPS HIGH SCHOOL. In 2005, the school merged with ST. SEBASTIAN’S GROUP.
To provide better infrastructure to the students, with her initiative, we have built our new building on the Prince Anwar Shah Road Connector at 60, Arya Vidyalaya Road. From the beginning it was her primary objective and desire to provide students a modern, sophisticated educational infrastructure along with all facilities for overall development. Keeping this in mind, Mrs. Majumder has herself designed the layout of the new building and gone through all odds and obstacles including arranging finance and equipment.

Mrs. Majumder is also engaged in the following philanthropic activities -

She is associated with ‘JOYJEET MEMORIAL SCHOOL’ working for children and families whose male member is in prison.

She is working for street children and destitutes .

She sponsors children from weaker section in our school.

Mrs. Majumder is a writer and a poet. She has authored many plays which were staged in different competitions and won accolades for those. She wrote many theme songs including our school anthem. She has represented U.P. in Women’s Cricket at the National Level and was nominated for President’s Guide..

About The Rector

Mrs. Sonali Majumder received the distinguished educationist and social activist award from ECOLES de la Terre, an organisation from Switzerland. The award was given for her attempt to create general awareness amongst the masses for the development and well being of children coming from economically weaker sections and giving them exposure to proper education as ...


Rector's Desk

Dear Parents,

It is time to say goodbye to Session 2023 - 24 and welcome the new session2024 - 2025. On behalf of St. Sebastian's School, I would like to start on a positive note. This year our school has been honored with Mother Teresa Award as the best school of 2023 - 2024. This is based on All Round Development, Major Academic Results and Philanthropic Activities the school is involved with.

You are all aware that we are adding a new feather to our cap. With great hope and determination we are starting ISC (Class XI and XII). Construction work of our new building has already started, and we are expecting to start operating there by the end of July or the first week of August 2024. We are expecting to provide all kinds of amenities - Advanced Laboratories, Computers and Special environment for Robotics, Coding and Artificial Intelligence with REPL - Robotics Education Private Limited and are also planning to start a Canteen for the Children.

We are introducing Computer Applications from Class IX for the upcoming session. We are also negotiating with a few agencies, who will help our students to join different universities and colleges in Kolkata, India and abroad.

Review of 2023 - 2024 Session:

This year our ICSE results were outstanding

Highest 96% in the Science stream,

4 students scored above 90%,