An Institute of oriental study and culture special objective being to train up and present Sanskrit Dramas, both new and classical for the propagation of Indian ideology of universalism and to encourage and develop World peace movement throughout the Universe.


1) SSI Runs Sanskrit Education as per syllabus of Bangiya Sanskrita Siksha Parisad, Govt of West Bengal from which the students get certificates.

2) Train up students of all age groups to speak Sanskrit fluently within a short specific period and to read, understand and pronounce perfectly the Sanskrit text of Gita, Mahabharata etc.

3) Present Sanskrit classical dramas and new Sanskrit dramas written and directed by Prof; Santinath Ghosh throughout India for the propagation of Sanskrit. Ten Sanskrit dramas of Prof; Ghosh have been presented and broadcast from All India Radio, Calcutta.

4) SSI has presented classical Sanskrit drama Vikramorvasiyam of Kalidasa in Kalidasa Festival at Ujjain on 24.12.1993 under the direction of Prof Santinath Ghosh and is trying to present Sanskrit dramas throughout the world countries. Sanskrit scholars of the universe are requested to contact Prof Ghosh of SSI.

5) SSI conducts workshops to train up new participants in Sanskrit dramas both classical and modern to popularise Sanskrit among the general mass.

6) SSI is going to print and publish “Sacchidanandam” Sanskrit Magazine for spread of Sanskrit.


1. SSI Aims to popularise Sanskrit Dramas throughout the world countries and as such desires to get invitation from any Institutions or organizers of conference and festival of any world country.

2. Prof Santinath Ghosh, director and secretary of SSI, preaches and works for World Peace Movement based on the universal fraternity and Humanism as taugh by the ancient seers of India and preserved in ancient Sanskrit Texts.

  • SSI is working for about 40years and presented Sanskrit Dramas in the festivals, where Internationally reputed several dignitories were present and highly praised the production Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the then presedent of India,
    Dr. Suniti Kumar Chatterjee, Naional professor Dr. Rama Chowdhury,Internatinally reputed scholar, Swami Lokeswaranandaji, secretary Rama Krishna Mission Institute of Culture, Venerable Jinaratna Thera, secretary, Mahabodhi society of India, Dr.Gourinath Shastri and Dr. Heramba Nath Chatterjee, Ex - Principal, Govt. Sanskrit Collage are remarkable.
  • SSI presented ten Sanskrit dramas written and directed by Prof. Santinath Ghosh, in All India Radio, Calcutta names of the dramas being 1)Dharmasokam 2)Angulimalam 3)Ajatasatru4)Drpta-paurusam
    5)Mahasakti Prakampanam 6)Atma –Nivedanam 7)Utsarjanam 8) Bhakta Vigraham
    9)Ramakrishnaya Namah10)Jisu-jivanam
  • SSI published a cassette “Mahasakti-Mahamaya”based on sri sri Chandi which became vary popular by the songs of reputed singer Sri Dhananjaya Bhattacharya and the unique Chandipatha and narrations of Prof. Santinath Ghosh
  • SSI arranged a unique programme in West Bengal, namely “Sanskrit Festival Weak” continuing for seven days from 28.08.2007 to 03.09.2007 to observe “Sanskrit Day” as decided by Govt. of India. Most dignified personalities like Hon’ble justice Shyamal Kumar Sen, Ex Governor of West Bengal, Hon’ble ministers ,W.B. Sri Khiti Goswami and Sri Anadi Sahu, Hon’ble Justice Ajit Kumar Nayak and Hon’ble Justice Bhagawati Prasad Bannerjee, Swami Sarbalokananda, secretary Ramkrishna Seva pratisthan, Swami Mrigananda, secretary, Satyananda Davayantam, Swami Pragna nanda ji, Mathadhyaksa, Sankar Math, Howrah , Dr. Karunasindhu Das, vice chancellor, Rabindra Bharati University, Dr. Manabendu Bannerjee , Vice president Asiatic Society, Dr. Mrinal Ganguly ex Asutosh professor of Calcutta University and many other high dignitories were present and delivered speeches in the festival. Such "Sanskrit Festival Weak" is held every year by SSI.

1) To impart moral education among the common people of the society through teaching Sanskrit Texts and presenting simple Sanskrit dramas among the general mass throughout the country.

2) To arrange for special training for elderly people to read and learn Sanskrit scriptures.

3) To provide scholarship to students for research work in different branches of Sanskrit language.

4) To provide stipends and scholarships to school and collage students for good result in Sanskrit Examination.

5) To adopt social awareness programme to retain and adopt healthy and good social behavior and also to develop moral aptitude among the students and general people.

6) To take up programme and activities for establishing Universal Brotherhood among all people of the world and to adopt “World Peace Movement” throughout the universe ,based on Indian culture and heritage.

7) To publish the Sanskrit patrika “Sacchidanandam” for spreading Sanskrit among general mass.

8) To encourage research works in Sanskrit with reference to scientific discourses of modern science and technology.

9) To provide fellowship to deserving students in Sanskrit.

10) To conduct short-course training for spoken Sanskrit among the students and to provide special training to produce trained teachers for conducting spoken Sanskrit classes.

11) To conduct other cultural activities of Sanskrit songs, dance, musical programme and recitation in Sanskrit, specially Vedic Hymn.

12) To take up world wise programme to spread and impart the theory that all religions aiming at truth are essentially equal having no difference among themselves.

13) To assist research on Yoga-Study to establish its utility for development of both health and heart.

14) To conduct special study and research in Vedic Sanskrit.

15) To critically edit and publish old Sanskrit text in any branch of study of the subject.

16) To send cultural team specially for presenting Sanskrit Dramas, Sanskrit Songs, musical and dance programme  with Sanskrit songs in any country of the World in “World Sanskrit Conference” or in any programme of any specific state and in national and international sphere.
17) To conduct classes for training participants in sanskrit drama, Sanskrit songs and dances.


Please contact us for presenting Sanskrit Dramas and musical programme on Sri Sri Chandipatha with songs and dance in any Sanskrit conference and in Durgapuja Festival in any country of the world and in Sanskrit Festivals and conferences or in any befitting programme.

Prof. Santinath Ghosh, director of SSI, is a highly reputed Sanskrit Scholar having special achievements as Sanskrit drama writer & Director and dramatic participant. He has also deep penetration in the essence of philosophy in Sanskrit language. He has dedicated his life for cultivating, developing and propagating Sanskrit Study and Oriental Culture not only in different parts of West Bengal, but also in different parts of India and also outside India, like Switzerland, London, Paris, Venice, Bangladesh and Nepal. His creative talents may be revealed from his twelve new Sanskrit Dramas and three Bengali Dramas, out of which 12 Sanskrit Dramas and two Bengali dramas were broadcast from All India Radio, Kolkata.
Prof. Santinath Ghosh Passed B.A (Hons) in Sanskrit in 1962 from Govt. Sanskrit College, Calcutta. He passed M.A. in Sanskrit with Vedanta in 1964 from Calcutta University and passed Title in Kavya Literature from Sanskrita Siksa Parisad, Govt. of W.B. in 1966. He passed B. Ed Exam from St. Xavier's College in 1984 and passed final Law Examination from Calcutta University in 1988  and became the member of Bar Association of Calcutta High Court in 2003. He Received the Degree "Doctor of Cultural Development" from Vishwa Unnayan Samsad, New Delhi in 1989 and also Certificate of Honour for participating in "Improvising in Acting" from Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London in 2011. He became the fellow of Royal Asiatic Society of London in 2012.


Special Elements

  •   The Unique element in Prof. Ghosh is his unparallel efficiency in forceful speech in Sanskrit Language in the field of Sanskrit Learning throughout the state of West Bengal, over and above in other languages like Bengali, English and Hindi. 
  •   Prof Ghosh is the only personality in the present era in West Bengal who is the writer of twelve  new Sanskrit dramas and three new Bengali dramas, all of which have been broadcast from All India Radio, Calcutta and some have been staged in different places in India like Benares, Ujjain, Tripura, Indore etc. and outside India like Switzerland, Nepal and London. 
  •   Next remarkable point to note is that Prof Ghosh himself has directed all the dramas and most successfully participated in all of them in All India Radio and on stage. 
  •   To implement the principal mission of Universal Humanism Prof Ghosh has established two renowned organisations, "World Peace Mission" and "Surabharati Sanskrit Institute" through which he is preaching the ideal of Universal Humanism in India and in World countries. He has expressed that to him science and religion, combined and taken together, reveal the truth of Ultimate Reality. Prof. Ghosh believes that the end of scientific clarification is the beginning of philosophical realization.
  • Teaching Experience

    Prof. Santinath Ghosh served City College,   Amherst Street, Calcutta as lecturer in Sanskrit and Narajole Raj College in Midnapur district as Principal. At present Prof. Ghosh delivers lectures regularly on

    ·  'Sri Sri Chandi' in Bharat Sevasram Sangha, Ballygunge, Calcutta.
    ·  Srimad Bhagwad Geeta in Geeta Society of Calcutta.
    ·  Sanskrit Grammar in Ramakrishna Mission, Swami Vivekananda's residential centre in Calcutta. 

    Sanskrit dramas, written by Prof. Santinath Ghosh, are Atmanivedanam, Dharmasokam, Vagabhivandanam, Ramakrisnaya Namah, Drpta Paurusam, Bhakta Vigraham, Jisu-Jivanam, Mahasakti Prakampanam, Angulimalam, Ajatasatru, Utsarjanam and Basantodayanam. The New Bengali dramas written by Prof. Santinath Ghosh and broadcast from AIR Kolkata are Sri Sri Durga, Netaji Subhash and Utsarga based on the life of Freedom Fighter Shri Khudiram Bose.
    He was invited as a panel expert in various discussions highlighting the role of Sanskrit in growth and development of Nationalism in India. He had also conducted several talks in Sanskrit and even teaching of Sanskrit lessons in AIR. He participated several times in the discussion programme in Dooradarsan, Calcutta on the topic of "Role of Sanskrit in the National Integration of India".


    Several of his works were published and noted among these were the following:

    ·  Basantodayanam on revolutionary Basanta Biswas, a Sanskrit Drama.
    ·  Baichitradharani Akashbani
    ·  Stree Siksar Sekal
    ·  Stree Siksar Ekal
    ·  Prastabana
    ·  Mahanama Prasasti
    ·  Marami Kabi Sabir Ahmed Chowdhury
    ·  Mahabharater Nari in about 40 episodes
    ·  Netaji Jivane Adhyatmikata

    Also there have been presentation of quite a few Geeti-alekhyas (Musical Programme) written by prof. Santinath Ghosh as well  as one-act plays in Sanskrit. These Sanskrit works were also staged both in West Bengal and in Madhya Pradesh.

     Awards and certificates

    Following organizations and their top officials have presented awards and Certificate of Honour to Prof. Santinath Ghosh for his academic activities and service to Oriental Culture:-

    ·  Director, All India Radio, Calcutta.
    ·  President, Bangiya Sahitya Parisad, Midnapur.
    ·  President, Kathia Baba Ashram, North 24 Parganas, W.B.
    ·  President, Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage, Calcutta.
    ·  Sm. Gouri Nag Director Dept of Culture, Govt of West Bengal.
    ·  Dr. Radha Ballav Tripathi, Director, Rastriya Sanskrita Sansthan, New Delhi.
    ·  Director, Kalidas Academi, Ujjain.
    ·  President,14th International Astrologers and spiritual Conference.
    ·  President, Prajnabharati Mahavidyalaya, Calcutta.


    Prof. Ghosh is directly connected with the administration of the following institutions in the following capacity.

    ·  President, Geeta Society of Calcutta (114 yrs old)
    ·  Vice-President, Asoknath-Gourinath Shastri Smarak Samity
    ·  Vice-President, Sanskrita Sahitya Parishad, Calcutta
    ·  Life-member Asiatic Society of Calcutta
    ·  Life-member Indian Institute of Public Adminstration, New Delhi
    ·  Director & Secretary, Surabharati Sanskrit Institute, Calcutta.   
    · Working president, Sarba Bharatiya Sahid Smarak Samity


    Prof. Santinath Ghosh had received plenty of appreciation and reccomendations from many renowned scholars from the world of Literature, Philosophy and Arts.People like Dr. Suniti Kumar Chatterjee,Pandit Sreejib Nyayatirtha, Dr. Rama Chowdhury, Dr. Gouri Nath Shastri, Dr. Ramaranjan Mukherjee, Pandit Bhutnath Saptatirtha, Dr.  Krishnagopal Goswami and Dr. Herambanath Chatterjee and many others have written highly about credentials of Prof. S.N.Ghosh.               

    Prof. Ghosh had visited several countries in the Continent like Switzerland, Rome, Paris, Venice, London, Cambrige, Nepal and Bangladesh. In these countries he did not leave the opportunity of propagating the message of World Peace through various programmes. Also he participated and presented Sanskrit dramas in Lumbini, Nepal, Swizerland and in London. Prof. Ghosh through his activities had not only made a mark in the field of Sanskrit education and orienteal culture be it Literature, Philosophy or Drama but also has established his genuine concern for World Peace and Universal brotherhood which he acknowledges as the ultimate goal in life.    

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