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The renowned poet-compiler of our Bengali Literary arena, Ajit Bairi had become today’s Ajit Bairi through a very struggling background. He had expressed his life’s struggling scenario in his auto – biographic Book “Sirjan Nadi, Dupurer Chil ebong Aami”. He had composed his first poem at mid-night in school-hostel when he had lost his mother at very early age. He had to lead his life in poverty in his boy-hood. He had started his life as a labour-boy in factory at Kadamtala in Howrah in his very young age. Then as an accountant for goods-unloading by coolies in Howrah Station. And at last, he had gained the Govt. service in Coochbehar. In that time, he had been suspected by police as the active worker of “Nakshall” movement. He had been tortured by police for giving shelter to Sri Jyotirmoy Dutta (Famous Journalist & Poet) in his own house in the emergency period, imposed by the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. His life is full of these type of dramatic tragedy.
Now he is the Retired Deputy Project Director In Charge in Agricultural Division of Sunderban Development Board. He is very much spread among the mass people because of his deep attachment with village people as his job related to official visits to lots of villages. Through thirty five years of his poet life, he had written many poem books. He had born on 8th November, 1948 in his maternal-uncle’s house in Kanakpur, Hooghly in a village, situated on the bank of ‘Sirjan’ river. He is intellectual, self-conscious, self-centered, polite and modest. He is naturally devoted in poems. His best colour is skyish blue, best flower is Gandharaj and best river is Srijan Nadi.

So far published Books of the Writer

Poet - 24
Prose - 6

Some of his published poem books are –

1) Rarer Mati, Dakshiner nona-Hawaa.
2) Uttar Dakshin (Collection of four poets)
3) Bonsain, Bonsain
4) Biday Kovalam Biday Surjasto
5) Prisonvan ebong Kalpurush
6) Somoya ebong Sahid-Bedi
7) Bisanna Orchid ebong violin
8) Aguner Chador

9) Shruti Sandhyar Nakshatra.
10) Sandhya tarar moto Meyeti
11) Haritoki Boner Rod
12) Khamar barite Surjasto
13) Shabder Terakota
14) Paribrajaker Jhuli
15) Dhulo Theke Tule Nebo Stab
16) Shrestha Kabita

Some of his edited poem compilation are –
i) Dui Banglar Derso Bachharer Premer Kabita
ii) Dui Banglar Eksho Bachharer Pratibadi Kabita
iii) Samakalin Abritir Kabita

iv) Africa ebong Latin Americar Eksho Bachharer Kabita
v) Chhotoder Chhara-O-Abritir Kabita
vi) Biroher Kabita
Some of other books are –

Novel : Kagmarir Char / Ananta Tomer Mahima
Short Story: Swapner Fariwala
Essay : Britter Bairay / Smritir Latabitana Kabitar Kuri.
Autobiography : Ujjan Ganga



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