One of the most famous modern Bengali Poet-cum-Writer-cum-Critic Dr. Nirendu Hazra was born on 1st January, 1936 in Kankrai village of West Bengal. (His wife, Mrs. Manjuli Hazra, his daughters – Mahuya das (Hazra) & Nilanjana hazra, all have the strong cultural basics.) He was an M.A. (Bengali & Eng.) from Calcutta University, PhD, FUWAI (Fellow of Writters’ Association, Chennai). Basically, he is a renowned Poet & Critic. After Completing his highly Education, he had joined as a teacher in Kanupat High School in 1962. Then, he become the head master at the same school and had continued there up to 1972. Then he had joined as the reader on Bengali in Puras-Kanpur H. N. College, Kanpur (Howrah) and was retired in 1995. He is the honorable Life-member of Asiatic Society. He is the honorable Life-member of Kankrai High School. He was the Editor of Bengali Little Magazine like “Anjali”, “Sampa” & “Suniti” etc. He has contributed a huge members of Bengali Poems, Dramas, Essays, Critics which hane been immensely strengthened our Bengali Literature. He had gained the prestigious award from West Bengal Cultural Social Welfare Organisation in 1996. He had achieved the award from Uday Narayanpur Sahitya Sanskriti – O- Mela Patrika, 1996, the award from Salika Swabda Jhankar Patrika, the award from Chhander Neer Abriti Parishad, Andul. He had achieved the award from Srijan Patrika, Ghatal, the honorable award of Acharya Suniti Kumar Smriti samyanana, the award from Kanpur Natya sanstha, Salkia Itihas Sammeloni, Anjan Potrika, Dinesh Das Puraskar (Sananda). His wife Mrs. Manjuli Hazra, his daughter – Mrs. Mahuya das (Hazra) & Nilanjana Hazra, all have also the strong cultural basics.

Some of his published poetry books are –
1) Mahuyar Mann in 1966
2) Atmar Karotale Surja Pratiksha, 1974
3) Matite Pa Rekhe Surjer Hat Dhore, 1977
4) Nadir Chitaya Jwalchhe, 1981
5) Sei Satya Chhute Chaai, 1983
6) Hriday Amar Bharatbarsha, 1986
7) Ekti Chandan Brikshya, 1991
8) Pitar Mrityu – O – Sanater Mukh, 1994
9) Phire Dekha, 1996
10) Sei Deen eak Denn, 2001
11) Shrestha Kabita, 2008
12) Manusher Pashe, 2012
13) Jonoganer Shilpi, 2013
14) Kabir Anterer Kobi, 2013
15) Rabindrattor Kobi O Kobita, 2013
16) Rabindrattor
Adhunik Bangla Kabita, 2015

Some of his published poetry books are –Some of his Drama Books –
1) Rabindranather Dena Paona
(A Short Story)
2) Kablioala (A Short Story)
3) Dui Bigha Jami (Poetry)

Some of his Essay Books / Critics –
1) Sarat Sahitya Parikrama, 1979
2) Bismrita Praya Lekhak Sanjib Chandra – O- Bangla Sahitya

Compilation :
Snkanta Amader Sukanta, 1981
Manusher Upama Manush (On Karl Marx), 1983 Yudha Noi Shanti, 1984
Netagi Tomar Payer Shabda, 1997

Editor :
Little Magazine - "Kabita Simanta" (Quarterly)
Editors : Dr. Nirendu Hazra, Dipen Roy


Published Books :



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