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MIG-C 2/5, 1st Floor, Dream Land Housing Society,
Lake View, Dumurjala, Howrah-711 104
B/1 Dr. Kanai Lal Bhattacharyya Sarani.
Santragachi, Howrah-711 104, West Bengal, India
Phone No. : +91 33 2677-0534, Mobile : 098300 87114
Contact Person : Mr. Debi Roy, Mrs. Malati Roy, Km. Debjani Roy
E-mail : debiroy_cal@yahoo.in
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Debi Roy is one of the few pioneer poet of Bengali literary world, who have contributed much more. He was born on 21st November, 1938 in Howrah, West Bengal India. From his very childhood, he had established his natural  talents  on poetry. He has been renowned mostly as poet, and then as translator, writer, essayest critic, editor etc. He was pioneer of the hungry generation Literary Movement in 60's and as editor of its bulletin. He used to pen the literary page of “Sanibarer Chithi” under the pen name of “Sunanda Roy” Being highly educated he was professionally attached with R.L.O., Calcutta at the ministry of Comunication Deptt. Of  Post , Govt. of India and now retired. He had achieved “Uttar Prabasi” Award (1985, Sweden), Late Shakti Chattopadhyay Memorial Award (1995). Participated in the Kavi Sammelan – 2002, Jointly organized by the Eastern zonal cultural Centre, Kolkata and Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Govt. of Sikkim, held in 27 july, 2002, at community Hall, Gangtok, Sikkim. He was Honoured by  Indian P.E.N ,W.B. He was on honorable visits on Dhaka, Tangai, Mymensingh of Bangladesh on 1997, 1998, 2006 respectively. He has attended lots of prestigious Poetry Conferences nationally and Internationally.His poems have been published On the very famous bulletins tabloids, magazines nationally (Specially in New Delhi, Bombay, Pune, Calicut,Biher etc.)Internationaally (Specially In USA,Germany, Bangladesh , Australia, Sweden etc.) He was formerly Secretary of Indian writers Association and the member of the SAARC writers Seminer in Calcutta, Aro Sarbanash (2010), Bitarkita Manik Shibnarayan Ebong Anyanya etc.


Some of his published books are:-

Kolkata O Ami(1964), Manush-Manush (1971), Samprotik Tinjan (1973), Arrojant from Birth(1978), Debi Royer Kavita (1980), Bhrukutir Birudh Eka (1983), Unmad Sahar (1984), Eisei-Tomar Desh (1986), Putul Nacher Gaan (1987), Poems of Debi Roy (1988,Translated in English by Manish Nandi), Sarbahara Tabu Ahanker (1990), Srikanta Vermar  Kabita(1990 translated from Hindi into Bengali, Magadh Collection of Hindi poems by Srikant Verma-translated by Debi Roy from Sahitya Academy (1998), Pub.Bharat Barsha Tomay Khunjche(1993), ISBN81086000-02, Aguner Gaan (1994, published from Dhaka, Bangladesh), Astra Ekhono Boi(1995), Lips of Stone and other poems (1995),translated by Dr.Niranjan Mohanty), Nirbachito kavita(1988), Sawnirbachito Kavita (2000, UBP, Dhaka), Kavita Samagra 1&2 (2005,2006 Renaissance Publication), Punardarshanaya Cha (2006), Renaissance Publication), Ghacheng Phoo(2008), Prasanga: Debi Roy (2004), A man from History (1998).
"Amar Rabindranath Ebong Ananya" (Ashabari Publication, Santraganchi, Howrah 711 104) : A collection of criticism on Rabindranath and etc. [1st Published : Mahalaya 2010 in Bengali, Pages : 128]

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  With His Wife Smt. Malati Roy  


Jignasa- Little Megazine:

Jignasa is the quarterly Published famous Bengali Little Megazine. Its founder-Editor was Late Sibnarayan Ray. Famous Literary Personalities are giving  their different types of Literary creations in this Little Megazine.

Moon in the sky, tranquil, winding path.
Pigeons cooling in the roof's cornices.

How deep inside the heart's centre it is
Really how far
In a kite its smiling worldly inspiration;

Spiritlessly I lie with this pain
All over my body,
No one turning to look back!

Yes, you can go scot-free even after murder,
for lack of proof.
By pulling the right strings in the world
you can easily elude the long arm of the law.

So, would you commit murder, 'Would you?'
The moment I asked,
                   you turned furious.

My friend, now I realise your virtue infinite.

Translated by Jayanta Mahapatra     Translated by Manish Nandy
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