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The Bengali Literary personality, Dilip Basu was born in 1939 in Shibpur of Howrah Town. We are very proud of him for his various types of Literary & Cultural Contribution. In the time of 2nd World War, he was very child in age and his total family was shifted from Howrah Town to the Jangal Para Village of Udaynarayenpur, Howrah. Since then he was permanently settled in this village. His residence & village is surrounded by the natural beauties like Chester of trees, ponds and lakes famous Damodar river which have been very much influenced him to be grown up like such a strong Literary Personality. His schooling was in Udaynarayanpur S.C. Institution of Howrah and he had complited his collage education from Ram Saday College of Amta, Howrah. He is B.A.(Honours), B.T.,After that  he had started his professional life as a teacher. Now He is retired and has become a whole-timer Literary contributer, Not only as a poet, he has the deep involvement in any social and cultural activities since his childhood, by his limit-less energetic nature, he always actively engages in cultural programmes, acting as actor, direction of theatre, Drama many literary programs etc. That is why; he is too much spread in our literary and cultural arena by his relents-less efforts till his old age. Now he is editing the literary magazine, "Meta Phul" previously, he had edited the two magazine named "Setu" and "Kimbadanti". His published poetry book is "Samay Ke Chhunye Jai". His jointly published books are "Kalpurusher Janalay", "Ek Akash Anek Nakshatra", "Ajker Kabita". At this stage, he has totally sacrificed his life in literacy. He is full of enjoyment and enthuasism and strong intension. He is very much modest.

"Meta Phul "-The Litarary Megazine:

Meta Phul is the very famous quaterly published literary magazine or Little Magazine. Meta Phul was founded on 30th May, 2004. Its founder-cum-editor is Mr. Dilip Basu. He is nurturing this magazine by his greate abilities and efforts. The different types of Literary creations of own famous literary personalities are being published in Meta Phul.

Vasacharjya Dr. Suniti Kumar Smriti Samman:

Twofamous strong literary personalities in Bengali Literature are honoured in memory of Vasacharjya Dr. Suniti Kumar Smriti Samman inevery year and da famous poet is honoured by "Meta Phul" Sarad Samman, organished by Meta Phul.
The honoured personalities are: -
2005 - Dr. Gita Chattopadhya / Dr. Nirendu Hazra
2006 - Dr, Sudhir Karan / Poet Ajit Bairy / Sarad Samman Poet Tarun Shyanal
2007 - Poet Dipen Roy / Dr. Sisutosh Samanta / Sarad Samman Poet Brata Chakraborty

His Published Books :

His Single Published Poetry Books:-

  1. Samay Ke Chhunge  Jai (2003)
  2. Debata Loker Aloker Doot (1986)

His Jointly Published Poetry Books:-

  1. Ek Akash Anek  Nakshatra (2002)
  2. Ajker Kabita (2004)
  3. Kalpurusher Janalay (1995)
  4. Darpan (2004)
  5. Ghare Ghare Deep Jwele Jai (1986)

His Translated Poetry Compitition :-

  1. Deshantar Bhasantar (1996)
  2. Roshini Ke Samudra Me (1991)

His Un-published Poetry:-

  1. Mahiyashi Rani Rasmoni (2005)
  2. Sree Sree Mayer Jibanalekshya (2007)
  3. Ek Je Chhilo Datyi (2003)

Published Crities on Poet & his Magazine:-

  1. College Street (2004)
  2. Yug Sambad Darpan (2006)
  3. Sayantan
  4. Alo (2006)
  5. Chhara Patra Parat (2007)
  6. Mukho Patra (2006)
  7. Natun Prabhat (2007)
  8. Abhijatri (2007)

The Poem of Dilip Basu was published on the front page of:-

  • "Gana Shakti"
  • Megazine on Bengali year, 1993.

Special Publication:-

1. "Sishu Sahityik Abhidhan" - Nikhil Bharat Sishu Sahitya Sammelan.
2.  Mukhomukhi
3.  Udaynaranyanpur Janapad Katha.

Some of his Poem, Story in Little Magazine:

  • Srijan

  • Kabita Simanta

  • Kritika

  • Abhijatri

  • Protishruti

  • Nikkan

  • Aguner Ful

  • Amra Sahajatri

  • Alor Phulki

  • Notun Prabhat

  • Aiktan

  • Heaven

  • Mukho-Mukhi

  • Sukanta

  • Sumana

  • Panchojonya

  • Sayantan

  • Sarangyo

  • Kabitar Din

  • Basudhayba

  • Abhijan

  • Chetna

  • Howrah Kabita Utsav

  • Sharadiya Howrah Barta

  • Shishu Kishore

  • Kafan

Some Publication of his creation in different Newspapar and Journal are:

  • Yug Sanbad Darpan

  • Kishor Panchojonya

  • Shampa

  • Setu

  • Kingbadanti

  • Chaiti

  • Mukhpatra

  • Tarunya

  • Basudhyba

  • Sonali Rode

His victorious Awards, Honour and Commemorative are:
  • Al-Amin-Mission - Kabi Sammanana
  • Satyajit Roy Shiromoni Samman -2005
  • Notun Probhat Sahitya Sammanana-2005
  • Sayantan Sara Bangla Kabita Utsav Sammanaa - 2005
  • Bhasa Dibas Kabita Utsav Samman - 2005
  • Howrah Bankim Mela Samman - 2005
  • Kabitar Din Kabi Sammanana - 2005
  • Kanpur Seva Sangha Hirak Jayanti Barsha Samman - 2006
  • Howrah Boemela Kabi Samman - 2007 & 2008
  • Satyajit Roy Samman Smarak 2006 (as editor) (Meta Phul)
  • Santosh Hatui Smriti Shrodharggha - 1999
  • Rampurf Sports and Cultural Association Medal-1998
  • Roygunakar Bharat Chandra Smriti Puraskar Pradan Anushathana Kabi Sammanana - 2007
  • Howrah Kabita Utsav Kabi Sammanana - 2008
  • Nikhil Bharat Bango Sahitya Sammalon -Kabi Samman -1997 (Sonatala)
  • Domjur Boemela Kabi Samman - 2008
  • Sara Bangla Charu Utsav (Bankura) - Charakar Samman -2008
  • Saraswat Samman (2009) from Academy of Bengali Poetry (National Library of India).
  • Smarak Sanman (2008) by Kabi Bishnu Dey Birth Century Committee.
  • Smarak Sanman of 6th Howrah Gaan mela (2008) from Dishari
  • Smarak Sanman (2009) from Coffee House
  • Smarak Sanman (2009) from Howrah Zilla Kabita Utsav.
Took Part in:
Kabi  Konthe Kobita (2008)
(Published By Ananda Sanbad)




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