Khagesh Dev Burman hails from the Royal family of Tripura & shares the same heritage as legendary S. D. Burman. Entered the literary arena in 50's of 20th Century. Due to unsurmountable circumstances & bureaucratic compulsion stopped writing for several years & after retirement from service joined the band wagon or writers......
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Sachin Dev Burman, popularly known as Sachin Karta in Bengal and S. D. Burman or S. D. in Bollywood in a word is 'impossible'. ...
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  1. Tripuraye Annaya Rabindranath
  2. Sachin Kartar Ganer Bhuban
  3. Rajnandini
  4. Nasta Samay
  5. Aayanaye Nijer Mukh
  6. Tritiya Nayan
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