Pranabkumar Chattopadhyay

Pranabkumar Chattopadhayay is one of the unique poets of the Bengali Literary arena. He was born at Kolkata in Bengali year 1361.He is a whole –hearted poet in Bengal. He has been writing on many Commercial and non-commercial magazines for long year. He is the famous Bengali poet of Seventies. He always believes on pure poems. He is very unique, self – centered, nobel hearted poet among the highlighted poets of Seventies. He has a unique style in writing creation which can make him one of the great poets of thousand years. He has made the combination of modernity and post modernity with the base creativity. The literary crefies have identified him as the modern format of the poets, Sudhindranath Dutta and Bishnu Dey. He is not on belief on the instant emotional feelings or ornamental uses of words or political based entertainments in poetry creation.

The whole world, science, Society, Philosophy, History, spiritualism is the Theme based matters of poetry creations. His poems are spread beyond the place and time barrigations. His hearty appeal for every life and material is acting as catalyst for his writting creation. His long poems based on continuous researches with traditional or non-traditional style can be claimed as one of the best of the thousand years of literacy. He has received much honour from people of Bangladesh at the time of tour with “Souhardya 70”.

He was awarded by Bhivuti Bushan Award 2015, Renuka Saithya Samman 2016 & Micheal Madhusudan Samman 2017 for the poetry book Anathapada Samhita.

His published poetry books are:

•   Padma Koraker Buk Sisire Bhejeni.
•   Achandik Mantramala.
•   Shaktiman Suparman Naradrakader Deshe.
•   Anathapada Samhita
•   Akshar Dhaner
•   Melalohu Vumikhande


Some of his written dramas:

•   Raktakta Angola.
•   Ashimyudisher Rajatwa.
•   Tin Hazar Tinsho Teatrish.
•   Shankhalaga Rodey.

He is a singer and actor awards for many times in stage performances with different Drama groups.



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