Shining32 one of the most reputed multi disciplinary quality Dental Care Centre of Eastern India backed by a fully complete clinic in every sense, all the possible oral and dental treatment is available under one roof maintaining international standards.

  Dr. O. P. Agarwala  
  BSC (Cal), BDS, FDSRCS (London)
Consultant - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.
18 A Mayfair Road, Kolkata - 700 019,
West Bengal, India
Contact: +91 98303 66828
  Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental / Teeth Implant
Wisdom Tooth Removal
Orthodontic Treatment
Teeth Whitening
Crown & Bridge
Teeth Restoration
Teeth Replacement
Teeth Scaling
Fracture Jaw / Jaw Surgery
Oral Hygeine
  For Keeping Your Teeth & Gums Strong & Healthy
  1) BRUSH Your teeth twice daily preferably after eating.
2) BRUSH lower teeth upward and upper teeth downward massaging gums simultaneously. Brush teeth from
    outside as well as from inside. Also brush biting surface.
3) Warm saline mouth wash is good for gums. Rinse your mouth after eating sweets/sticky Food.
4) Eat fibrous food. Eat more vegetables & fruits which contain more vitamins & minerals.
5) Avoid soft, sticky, sweet foods. Do not give Candies, Cadburys etc, to children. Don't eat pan-masala,
    betelnufs, tobacco etc.
6) Use (Plastic) tooth picks after meals to remove food particles in between the teeth.
7) Dental flossing removes the plaque and keeps the gum healthy & strong.
8) For healthy teeth, have a regular dental check up preferably every six months.
  Do’s & Don'ts After Tooth Extraction
1) Remove cotton pack after 1 hour.
2) Don't do mouth wash for 24 hours.
3) Eat soft & cold food preferably liquid diet
  4) Do frequent warm saline mouth wash after 24 hours.
5) Come for check-up after 5 days.
6) Take medicine as advised by the Dentist.
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