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Practicing as an Advocate at High Court at Calcutta, both in Original Side and Appellate Side and dealing in Civil, Criminal and Constitutional Writ matters in connection with Custom, Excise, Land and Land Revenue and/or property, Municipality, Service, Education etc and also dealing in Arbitration and Admiralty Suit and connected matters therewith specialized in drafting, conveyancing and documentation of all nature.

We have expertise in Property and Banking matters.

In our organization, we have numbers of Senior Advocates, Junior Advocates, Clerks, Stenographers and Typists to take care of day to day matters and to assist the clients as and when required.

The Members of the Firm have extensive experience in handling various type of legal matters. They are well recognized for their ability to provide highly focused and specialized advice to the clients with a high degree of responsiveness and consistent attention.

In keeping with its commitment to provide legal advisory services of the highest standard, the members of the Firm adopted a methodology, based on:

  • knowing exactly what clients want;
  • ensuring that their work is Legaly correct;
  • ensuring that the results expected by clients are of high value to their organizations; and
  • managing project to meet clients' expectations.

Our clients have recognized and appreciated us for the quality of service that we provide to them and their feedback is the measure of the success.




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