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Rang-Roop one of the prime theater teams of Kolkata, West Bengal, had been acclaimed highly by eminent theatre personalities, critics and viewers. Rang-Roop has got invitations for performances in different districts of West Bengal and even in Tripura, Delhi and Mumbai as well. Besides our own shows, Rangroop has successfully performed in theatre festival organized by ‘Pashchim Banga Natya Academy’, National Theatre Festival 2003, organized by ‘Nandikar’.

Rang-Roop took initiatives and tried to popularize the art of theatre performance amongst the children and younger generation, and to seek out and nurture talents in them. In this mission, Rang-Roop organized production oriented workshops and ‘Children’s Theatre Festival’ where the students of many educational institutions have performed all aspects regarding staging of a production.

Rang-Roop always has extended its hand of co-operation in social obligations like, to accumulate relief for the sufferers in natural catastrophe, social goods and other noble causes.

In Rang-Roop’s in-house workshops, The present director of the group Smt Sima Mukhopadhyay is participating as an instructor and demonstrator, in various training programs, workshops and seminars, organized by Natya Academy and different groups. Goutam Halder of Nandikar trained the members of the group in a 120 days’ physical workshop. Debesh Roy Choudhury of Bahuroopi instructed in both physical and vocal workshop of 120 days. Tarun Pradhan, lecturer in drama, Rabindra Bharati University, has conducted a 60 days physical and vocal workshop on folk form. ‘Budge-budge Angan Natya Sanstha’ was also invited to join in the training programs. Sohini Sengupta (Halder) of Nandikar conducted physical workshop of 90 days.

Programme - Couples – Associated in our Theatre.
Rang-Roop took a special initiative to bring the ‘Couples – Associated in our Theatre’ in a special program where Rudraprasad Sengupta & Swatilekha Sengupta, Dwijen Banerjee & Sumita Banerjee, Koushik Sen & Reshmi Sen, Debasish Roy Choudhury & Arunita Roy Choudhury, Jagannath Basu & Urmimala Basu, Supriti Mukherjee & Saonli Mitra, Goutam Halder & Sohini Halder and Soumitra Basu & Sumita Basu performed..

Seminar - ‘Samannoy Shilper Khonje’.
Rang-Roop arranged a seminar named ‘Samannoy Shilper Khonje’ (In search of coalition art form) at Nandan II where Sri Mohit Chattopadhyay, Sri Aloke Ranjan Dasgupta, Sri Subha Ranjan Dasgupta and Sri Protul Mukhopadhyay expressed their valuable views on coalition form of art. In Nandan II Rang-Roop arranged a video film show ‘The Haunted Screen - By Peter Buchka’ in collaboration with Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata. This was a German documentary on ‘Expressionism’ in German art, in 20’s.

Theater for and by the teenagers.

In last few Years, Rang-Roop trained them to perform six one-act dramas – ‘Sukhi Rajputtur’ (Based on a Short Story, by Oscar Wilde), Bholanather Darbar, Bhasmasur, Emontao Hoy, Kuber-er Bhojsabha and Budhdhir Kawl, which have been appreciated by all walks of viewers. Schools and organizations taken part in this initiatives are ‘Vivekananda Mission School’, ‘Alipore Boys and Girls School’ and ‘Lady Brabourn College’ and poor and distressed pupils of ‘Sarsuna Navadiganta Anath Ashram’, ‘Children’s Section of All India Women Congress’, ‘B.G. Press Children’s Education Center’. Both themes and approaches are rooted in this concern and are therefore fully participative. The spontaneity and interest of the children and teenagers during the workshops, establishes the success of Rang-Roop’s mission.
Awards Received:
Awarded as an Actress.
Smt Sima Mukhopadhyay received Ritwik Ghatak Smriti Puraskar as the best actress for her performance in ‘Clown’ in 1985. She was awarded as the best actress by Pashchim Banga Natya Academy, for her performance in ‘Bikalpa’ & ‘Balidan’ in 1992. ‘Dishari Puraskar’ is also one of her major achievements as an actress.

Awarded as a Playwright.
Smt. Sima Mukhopadhyay was crowned ‘Dishari Puraskar’ & ‘Ritwik Ghatak Smriti Puraskar’ for ‘Panu Santi Cheyechhilo’ in 2000 as the best playwright.

Awarded as a Director.
Smt. Sima Mukhopadhyay received ‘Kalakar Award’ as the best director, in 2000-2001 for ‘AABORTO’.
Productions :
  • Michhil
  • Akay Akay Sunya
  • Kanthaswar
  • Kadambari
  • Andhkarer Rang
  • Prahasan
  • Clown
  • Bikalpa
  • Bhanga Boned
  • Tringsha Shatabdi
  • BoliJe Jan Achhey Majhkhane
  • Aalor Phulki
  • Panu Santi Cheyechhilo
  • Aaborto
  • Sunyapat
  • Khnuje Nao
  • Je Jan Achhey Majhkhane (Revive)
  • Sesh Raksha
  • He Mor Debota
  • Mukhosh Nritya
  • Byaram Biram
  • Jalchobi
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