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1. Dr Suvro Banerjee is one person with whom I have cherished to just talk with. A person gets 80% cured if he meets a genuinely good person. We have developed a mutual respect for each other which also helps to keep a longstanding patient-doc relationship going. All the best Sir, keep the morale high with everybody you meet in life. Thanks.

Pratik Chaudhury (singer), Kolkata.

2. Thank God I took my mother to Dr Banerjee two years back. My mother is suffering from a heart condition for the past 20 years.  She was under medication for all these years under various specialists. At one point of time she was taking seventeen tablets a day. Under Dr Banerjee's able guidance and subsequent treatment my mother is keeping fine on minimum number of tablets. Me and my family are extremely grateful to him.

Surojit Chatterjee (Singer, Bhoomi), Kolkata.

3. I first met Dr Suvro Banerjee three years ago and have been keeping well with his treatment. His medical report has been accepted by US authorities to review my pilot's medical certificate. Unlike many, Dr Banerjee is patient and takes the time to listen and to explain his treatments. I am very happy to recommend his services.

Theodore Sarbin (pilot), USA.

4. While I was in Kolkata, on vacation, I was under Dr. Banerjee's urgent care. My experience was excellent and Dr. Banerjee was attentive and took care of my immediate problem. In my opinion, I was given the best care available in Kolkata. I returned to the States without any issues and as per his advice, all the necessary medical procedures have been successfully completed. I recommend all of my friends and family in the US and Kolkata to contact Dr. Banerjee for any cardiovascular issues. All the best to you and the Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals staff. Thank you so much for everything!

Purna Bhattacharya (President, JSMC), USA.

5. Thank you for taking care of my relative. He is extremely satisfied with your professional care, and for your time to address his serious concerns

Aniruddha Bhattacharyya, (Director, Tembec), Canada.

6. Dr Suvro Banerjee is my Cardiologist for more than 5 years. He is one of the most sensitive, professional and supportive Doctor I have come across in my life. Thank you Dr Banerjee for tolerating me, who is not a great patient, yet not losing your patience with me. Best Wishes.

Amod Dasgupta Senior Vice President - East Blue Dart Express Ltd., Kolkata.

7. I first met Dr. Banerjee almost 7 years back. It was one fine morning that I walked into his room at Apollo in Kolkata and requested him for an angiogram. A surprised Dr. Banerjee asked me why you want to have an angiogram, has some doctor referred you to me. I said no. I want an update about my heart condition. He asked me a few questions related to symptom and put me through the usual tests and then agreed to do an angiogram. I continue to visit him when I'm in Kolkata for check up on a very regular basis. Dr. Suvro is a great doctor. He is extremely cordial, gives his patients the time they take to produce their story. His ever smiling face gives tremendous confidence and it in itself is a therapy of cure. Thank you Dr. Banerjee for keeping my heart functional. My best wishes are with you. Your website is extremely informative. The language is simple, lucid and explanatory for anyone to understand.

Muhammad Mohsen Rashid, Advocate, Bangladesh.

8. Dr. Banerjee recently treated my husband at Apollo and implanted a pacemaker. Dr. Banerjee has an invaluable (but rare) quality in a physician - patience. He does not talk "down" to his patients. He treats them as intelligent individuals - not as a bed number or a unit in an assembly line operation. His mode of communication inspires immense confidence - and therein lies half the cure. Thank you Dr. Banerjee.

Dr. Tanima Ray, Professor of Management, IISWBM, Kolkata.

9. Dr. Banerjee is a gem of a person. He takes time to review the reports, provides his comments, listens to patients well and gives you comfort and confidence. I had no pain or problems but my TMT Test was positive. He asked me to go for CT Angio just to be safe. CT Angio showed Left Main Artery was blocked. He performed the Angiograph and recommended me for CABG. He was very sure and firm that this was a case fit for CABG. I underwent my CABG and now I am fit. Dr. Banerjee is a great doctor and I have referred my relatives and family friends. They have all thanked me for referring them to Dr. Suvro Banerjee. He is part of an endangered species called "good human being and good doctor". Thank you doctor.......me, my wife and 2 daughters, parents! are grateful to you now and always....

Sunder Singh, (TCS), Kolkata.

10. Dr. Suvro Banerjee was referred to by one of his colleagues who lives in the same apartment complex as I do ...
My first few meetings with him was at the most stressful and difficult situation in my life. Left main stenosis and that means CABG. I was 44 then and with a wife , aged dependent parents and two daughters my life came to a grinding halt.
Yet in my most difficult time , he was honest, patient with me, answered all queries , gave me time, listened to me , and most important gave me correct diagnosis and correct advice. I tried hard to get a reference of a surgeon and he would not lest I felt that the final verdict of CABG was because of some other motive ....
My wife , my family were comfortable with him, his approach , guidance and honesty ...
Post CABG , I show him once / twice a year and I can recommend him again and again to everyone. I can trust him with my mom, wife and daughters on any matters related to heart. After 4 years, I had some chest pain and was admitted to Fortis and the cardiologist did a CT Angio and advised me that one of the grafts was closed / very narrow and a stent was needed. I contact Dr. Suvro Banerjee, at Apolo and he did a invasive Angio and gave me a clean chit. No intervention was required. Again correct diagnosis and correct advice.
It's 5 and 1/2 years since my CABG and I am doing very well for a by pass patient. It's God's grace that I am well and it's God's grace that I have found such a humble , honest , approachable Cardiologist in Dr. Suvro Banerjee. I travel a lot and sometimes have back pain , fever etc while overseas. He is very approachable and SMS , whatsapp, emails are responded quickly on which drug can I take , which one will not impact / interfere with my existing medication for the heart etc ....
In summary, I and my family love him and respect him very much....I don't know what the future has in store but I trust in God completely and know that I have the best cardiologist in town .....

Sunder Singh.

11. We both are childhood friends residing in the same locality & studied in the same school. Now Dr Suvro has made himself a renowned Cardiologist from Kolkata. Always feel proud of him & privileged to be Docs childhood friend. Suvro keep doing good work which will make U HAPPY. All Good Wishes to YOU.

Abhijit Banerjee.

12. A THOROUGH GENTLEMAN AND AN EXCELLENT DOCTOR. ..someone who you can trust your life with. I am bereft of words to describe him..My late father's dying wish was to be treated by him and him alone.An important addage..A non mercenary doctor in today's world. God bless him and his family.

Sunanda Bose.

13. He is undoubtedly one of the best cardiologists around and above all, truly a great person. I wish him all the best!!!

Kaustav Chatterjee.

14. He is a good doctor and an excellent person too.He behaves very well to his all patient.....that's very important today.

Raju Chakraborty.

15. Dr. Banerjee's endeavour is welcome in today's problem prone age !!!!! I'am tremendously benefited !! Looking for more information loaded advice from him !! Thank you !!!

Sonali Guha.

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