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Gautam Chandra Chunder was born on 23rd August, 1956 to famous Chunder family of Bowbazar, Kolkata. His family surroundings made his intellect shine in various aspects of creative writings. His schooling ended when he was in class X at Hindu School in 1973 because of political unrest. Thereafter he has read extensively at home on various subjects but his first love is Poetry-Bhakti literature is his obsession.

His books are (in Bengali) Hey Duranta Yatri(1986), Buddha Aamar Bhalobasa(2001), Gandhi Chalechhen(2001), Kothay Paleo Jarey(2002), Amu Jaiprakasher Anugasm(2004) and Buddha Aarmar Bhalobasao Anyanya(2005). His English books are Buddha My Love (2003), From God to Madonna (2004) and Mahabir Toma Kay (2011). A new book of Vaishnova & Shakte poems named "Dehi Padapallav" will be published in September, 2011.

He is recipient of Editor's Choice Award 1996(twice) awarded by the National Library of Poetry, Maryland, U.S.A. for original English poems and anthologised. In 1998, he received Disbari Prize for Bengali poetry. In 2005 he received Sufi National Award for communal Harmony by Indian Sufi Samaj for creative spiritual poetry, Avishek Padak Sammanona by Avishek Shahitya Patrika, Kushtia, Bangladesh in October 2010.
Awarded Special momento for poetry by Taltala Public Library (2008).
He was awarded with "Sangeet Taranga Sanskritik Samman", July, 2011 for his excellence in cultural, musical & literary field.
Mr. Chunder was awarded with "Dainik Bangladesh Barta Padak Smarak Sammanana", July, 2011 in excellence in the field of literature.

He was awarded Eminent Lyricist Award by Sangeet Taranga, December 2013.

He was awarded People Lyricist Award by Bharat Bhawna, January 2014.

His book of poetry on "vaishava Padabali & Shakta Padabali in the press.

He is now an up-coming lyricist, composer & singer in the languages English, Bengali & Hindi respectively.

He still writes on various subjects in Bengali and English.

Editor : "Mission Donpan" (Bengali Buddhist Monthly), Elected as a Vice President of United Buddhist Welfare Organisation.

Last September for his contribution towards the budhist society Mr. Chuder was awarded with award of excellence 2012 by United budhist Welfare Organisation (Kolkata).




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