B A R U N  R O Y






Beyond the obvious

Barun Roy (b. 1937) is a self-trained painter noted for his unconventional style and experimentation. His work is largely non-figurative and his approach to nature is intimate, emotional, and essentially abstract in its concept and basic simplicities of form, composition, and colour. He looks for the inner tensions and the essential correlations in nature, broken down in various contrasting, and often clashing, layers and planes.  Shorn of all redundancies,  Barun Roy’s landscapes seek to overcome and transform reality and represent an inner world of calm, awe, and wonder. “Reality is not what we see but what we feel it to be deep within,” Barun says. “Art is the expression of that deeper feeling. The job of the artist is not to imitate nature but break it down in the crucible of the mind and rearrange the elements to arrive at a new creative truth. To be obvious is to be ordinary.
The straight line has no place in art. It’s the distortion that gives art its soul.” It’s the same search for truth, beyond the obvious, that has encouraged Barun’s increasing fascination with the human face. That face is not beautiful, nor is it well formed. “The human landscape is as beguiling as the natural one,” he says, “and the truth can only be reached by clawing through its surface, not touching it up with a powdered puff.” A member of the well-known Calcutta Painters group, Barun Roy comes from a journalistic background, with over five decades of working with print media organizations in India, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. He has travelled extensively around the world.
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