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Ananda Kanan: A Garden of Joy. A trendsetting Home for Senior Citizens at Boral near Kazi Nazrul Metro Station (Garia Bazar). Kolkata, India

Conceptualised by : Samatat Prakashan.

Land already registered.

Ananda Kanan will be an idyllic abode for senior citizens - a haven of peace, a garden of joy - in which they will be able to redeem their unrealized dreams and fulfill some of their cherished desires. The best of both worlds await those who reside at Ananda Kanan - like-minded companionship, the compassion of a joint family and the independence of the microfamily - without hassles of tiresome daily chores.

Ananda Kanan is NOT a hospice, rather, it proposes to energise senior citizens who live together to engage in activities that will not only bring meaning & fulfillment to their lives, but also impact society at large.

Ananda Kanan (AK) will provide its members and residents accommodation & food - and more importantly, a purposeful community life to individuals and married couples.


Ananda Kanan plans to operate a primary school and / or coaching centre for less privileged children from neighbouring areas - some of the cometent residents of AK will teach the children and will participate in the management of the centre.

Ananda Kanan also plans to actively participate in the cultural and intellectual development of the neighbouring communities by organizing cultural programmes, seminars and debates of various nature by involving the underprivileged class as well as senior students- civilians from the neighbouring educational institutions and society.

Senior Citizens of AK may also sponsor some of the poor (preferably girl) students of the school / coaching centre. They (with active support from the Sanstha) will look after the integrated development of their wards. The inmates of AK, Sanstha and the commissioned experts will cater to the needs of their learning requirements and build, awareness about the environment, personal hygiene nutrition, and make them aware of the responsibilities of a good citizen.

At a later date, when funds will permit AK will give proper and practical vocational training to boys and girls of neighbouring areas by experienced inmates of AK and or experts from outside.

Ananda Kanan is designed to offer members a meaningful life with the pride of serving the society, and thus have the joy of living. It is proposed that the residents who involve themselves in the Home's activities will be paid a token honorarium to enhance their self-worth and professionalism.

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