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RITAKSHAR is a publishing concern mainly associated with publication of books of all kinds of literary genres in Bengali: poems, short stories, novels, essays, memoirs, biographies, translations and so on. It was founded by Manab Chakrabarti in January 2006 and has till date 14 titles to its credit. Manab has almost thirty years of editing experience which he applies with professional expertise in the production of his books. The books published by RITAKSHAR are free from printing mistakes and their quality of paper, cover, binding etc is characteristically and consistently of a very high standard. The layout of the pages, choice of types and fonts are all contributory elements to the aesthetic beauty of the books RITAKSHAR brings out. Manab is also very choosy about the quality of the books' content and prefers publishing a good book by an unknown author rather than a bad book by an author of repute. The books are very reasonably priced because RITAKSHAR is not a means of living for Manab but is a fulfilment of his creative passion.

About Manab Chakrabarti

Manab Chakrabarti was born in 1952 and received his education in Presidency College, Kolkata. He was attracted to the leftist political philosophy in his student days but his readings were not conditioned by his political inclinations alone. He served for long years in responsible positions in a bank and took voluntary retirement in 2004. Along with his two friends, Pradip Raygupta and Sunitikumar Manna, he has been running the hugely popular literary periodical Jalarka for the last 30 years. RITAKSHAR is a one-man show started by him in 2006 after his voluntary retirement from the bank.

About The Books
Jonathan Livingston Seagull: Ekti Galpa
[Translation of Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Story by Richard Bach]
[Translator: Subhabrata Bandyopadhyay]

One of the most popular books of the world, now translated into Bengali, tells us the story of a seagull called Jonathan Livingston which vied with itself for achieving the height of excellence in matters relating to flight in general and its own pursuit in particular. This marvellous book inspires us, the human beings, towards earning a deep and long-lasting realization about life and its mission.
Discerning readers who know both English and Bengali find Shubhabrata's translation a pleasant reading for its seemingly effortless rendering and graceful language of his own.

Amalatar o Abhijnatar Gan
[Translation of Songs of Innocence & Experience by William Blake]
[Translator : Parthapratim Bandyopadhyay]

In this bilingual collection of poems Parthapratim has re-created in Bengali the magical resplendence of Blake's apparently  simple yet charmingly intricate world. In order to retain the original flavour of Blake, he has evolved a delightful poetic diction through his appropriate choice of words and a melodious prosody. It is a rewarding experience to go through the translated version side by side with the original English poems.

Sahitya Samalochana O Samalochana Sahitya
by Santanu Gangopadhyay

Santanu has already established himself as an erudite and talented critic. In this collection of critical essays he has explored the relation between creative literature and literary criticism which, he points out, is conditioned by the social norms and readers' tastes changing throughout the eras.

Chhayabaganer Juin
by Pradip Raygupta

A collection of ten short stories which seek to explore the human relations and highlight the importance of the individual's struggle against the backdrop of societal insensitivity. Written in powerful and yet lucid prose, the stories symbolize the eternal quest into the essence of humanity. Pradip Raygupta is a member of The Indian Revenue Service and his published works include two other collections of short stories - Ghare Pherar Samay and Sravananakshatrer Ratri, one novel- Bibhinna Akash and one book of poems - Skhalita Mukh.

Charagachh O Anyanya Galpa
by Anil Ghosh

This is a collection of ten short stories. The background of Anil's stories is the salty terrains of the Sundarbans, spread across the flanks of the two rivers, the Ichhamati and the Vidyadhari. Anil knows the life in the Sundarbans and the adjoining areas like a true son of the soil. His stories interweaves the local dialects, the social customs, the survival struggles and the unrealized dreams of the people in a direct and powerful prose which immediately touches the cord of the readers' heart.

Dasi Bandi Parider Galpa
by Indrani Dhar

In all the thirteen stories collected in this book the central character is always some middle-class or lower middle-class woman. The writer has explored the extraordinary streaks in the midst of their otherwise ordinary existence. Her empathy with the characters, coupled with her knack for minute observations, has made the book a delightful reading.

Abantar Smritir Bhitare
by Indranil Majumdar

A finely illustrated collection of personal memoirs which are tinged by the fun and frolic of human associations as well as by the melliferous sadness of a sensitive soul's inherent loneliness. The author, Indranil Majumdar, who taught English literature in a college and thereafter worked in a bank, is a voracious reader and a true connoisseur of Hindustani classical music.

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