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    About Dr. Santanu Banerjee
Ex-professor, presidency surgeon (West Bengal) nominated professor of the state, IMA College of G.P., postgraduate teacher and examiner, is a person with varied interests in subjects like literature, drama, sports and travel. He is a prolific writer of novels, short stories, poems, medical texts and scientific discourses. Loved and respected as a professor of ENT. He has impressed us by his versatility. Notable Men In ENT begining of ENT is another feathers in his cap. Born on 7'" May 1937 at Kolkatta Dr. Sontanu Banerjee is the son of late Dr. P.K. Banerjee and Mrs. Latika Banerjee happily married to Mira, an Ophthalmologist, he is the proud father of two loving daughters. Life time Achievements Awards - 2015, Awarded by Speech & laryngology Association Of India. Life Time Achievement Award , 2015 - Donated by ERIS Pharmaceuticals Ltd. at Maharasta, India, in their Annual Conference Held at AMBIVALLEY Conference.

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Published Book :
1. Arup Katha. 2. Hasi Rakamari 3. Kakali
4. Takhon Tumi Korbe Ki 5. Jana Ajanar Oshukh Bishukh 6. Notable Men in ENT
7. Ek Patar Golpo 8. Mimider Barite Bagh 9. Thakumar Kando
10. Ranga Beranger Golpo 11. Itihase RG Kar 12. Begining of ENT
13. Nozal Allergy 14. Lal Galir Tushi 15. Tomay Ja Dita Pari
16. Daanpite Chhara 17. Ranga Beranger Chara 18. Tagboge Ek Tattu.
19. Mago Amar Ma 20. Galpar Galary 21. Chotodar Galpa Sanchayan
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