About ESHA DEY :

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A distinguished academic, her research in Indian writing in English was one of the first projects of its kind in Kolkata. Many of her papers have appeared in prominent research journals and quite a few have found place in different collections.

Her creative writing, exclusively in Bengali, is a product of mature age. She expresses herself in various forms of prose: novel, short story, essay, travelogue, memoir, humorous sketch and so on. Multilingual, she has translated from French, Odia and English. Her writing regularly appears in newspapers and periodicals. Some of her stories have been translated into English and published in Indian and foreign journals. A reputed speaker, she participates

in discussions on various issues, both cultural and socio-political. Mother of two sons, she loves to travel, to watch foreign films and to read bestsellers. In all her creation, she tries to avoid the beaten path and establish her individual vision.

Daughter of the legendary Bengali editor Vivekananda Mukherjee, she has collected his famous editorials in Tarobarir Cheyo Shaktishali (2004) edited his birth centenary commemorative volume, Shatabdir Soinik, (2005), collection of his essays, Probandha Sangraha, (2008), and supervised a new edition of his magnum opus, Dwitiyo Mahajuddher Itihas (2013).

Books :
Research :
The Novels of Raja Rao
(1992), a full length study of the most sophisticated and original writer of the pioneering generarion of India English literarure.

Creative Writing :
1. Soti, Binodini Ebong Aami (1997)

2. Putlir Kathaa (1999)

3. Thikaanaa (2001)

4. Aker Por Ak (2005)

5. Tinti Upanyas (2021)

6. Pinjar (2023)

Short Story Collection

Shesh Bangali (2004).
2. Hyena (2004).
3. Shadi.com Ebong Tar Por (2011).
4. Panchashti Galpo (2014).


1. Misharer Debdebi (2009) :

2. Anya Turoska (2013) :

3. Achena Spain Ajana Portugal(2017) :

Book Release With
Buddhadev Bhattacharya


Tobu Mone Rekho (2002),
reminiscence of her father.

Humorous sketch

Bangobyango (2009)


Khude Rajkumar (1995) Bengali rendering of a world classic from the original French.

2. Alhambrar Lok Kahinifrom English. 

Prose Collection

Gadya Sangraha (2023)

Children's Literature

Dui Mahadesher Upokatha (2004) Folk tales from Africa and native America.

Member of Alliance Francaise du Bengale, SOI, Women Writers ' Association, W. Bengal.

  Her Works :
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Shesh Bangali Thikaanaa Misharer Debdebi Soti Binodini
Ebong Aami
Dui Mahadesher
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Shadi Dot Com Abong Tarpor Aker Por Ak Tobu Mone Rekho The Novels Of
Anya Turaska
esha dey esha dey
Panchashti Golpo Achena Spain Ajana Portugal Alhambrar Lok Kahini  Pinjar Gadya Sangraha
Tinti Upanyas Putlir Kathaa Hyena  Khude Rajkumar  



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