Profile of Nilkantha Ghosal


Nilkantha Ghosal, real name Nitya Gopal Ghosal, a litterateur of repute, born on 16th August 1939 in the district of Hooghly. Now he resides at Kolkata Permanently. In professional life he was teacher for some years and then entered into the State Govt. Services and retired as officer of West Bengal Civil Services (Executive). An ardent lover of literature and art, he started composing poetry and taking part in dramatic performances in later school days. Beside profession, he was involved in acting on stage, Radio and Jatra and in writing and directing dramas for several years. He edited and published a little magazine named ‘SAMGA’ for some years in early Eighties and started writing short stories, novels, essays, poems and rhymes both for adults and children.

The writer with an understanding of research has ellaborated that as a Phylosopher Sri Vivekananda often had to cope up with conflickting and contradictari views on tanjibility and intanjibility. The writer feels that both these conflicting views occupied his mind. There is however nodoubt that there will be debate on this issue which is but natural.