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Talented young literary personality, Jaydip Chakrabarti was born on 18th January, 1974 at South Ramnagar, Kalibari of 24 Parganas (South) of West Bengal. His father is Tara Prasad Chakrabarti& mother is Alpana Chakrabarti. He has made his impressions in literary creations as writer poet, essayist, novelist etc. He had immensely suffered from poverty in childhood. His father was very much fond of literature. In spite of his adverse financial situation, he had inspired him to write by bringing various literary magazines to his son. By the naturality of his writing

creations, he had made a lot of credential writings from his boyhood. He had started his writings in his school magazines (named Baruipur High School). His school teachers had also inspired him to write. His first story was published in his school magazine at the age of 10. He has passed M.A. (Eng.) from Rabindrabharati University and has completed B-Ed also. Now professionally, he is attached as teacher to Baruipur High School (H.S.). A lot of his books have been published.

His huge numbers of writings have been published in many reputed magazines or journals. He is awarded the Kabita Pakshik Samman in 1999 and "Debjaan" award in 2010. He is keenly attached with Kabita Pakshik, Utsavas, Sonarkella, Depan etc.

Some of His Published Books:
  Collection of Poems:
   1. Chaturasram
   2. Stabdha Maya Crossing
   3. Harin Bisayak Panktimala
   4. Kathar Pithe Je Kathaguli
   5. Shricharanesu Rabindranath
   6. Mayabi Ratrir Collage

  Collection of Short Stories:
  Vanga Britya Gota Britya
  Krantadarshi Sukumar
  Children's Novel:

  1. Hijibijir Deshe
  2. Natun School-E Gangapada
  3. Hirandhibir Niche
  4. Tirther Sadhu



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