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About Swapan Basu & Nayan Basu

Fathers name:- Late Shree Manas Kumar Basu (Bhose)
Mother Name:- Shreemati kalyani Basu (Bhose)
Education :- Earlier in Scottishchurch Collegiate  School and later on in Jaypuria and Manindra College.

Educational Qualification:-
Graduate from Calcutta University on Bengali and English Paper
Birth :-18th June 1976. Kolkata.

Learned recitation from the famous and celebrity recitor Mr. Partho Ghosh for 5 years  from that the famous Anchor (Stage, Radio, T.V) Shree Debasish Basu took there mentorship to teach them the direction /circulation. They got the proximity to the famous recitor, actor, Sree Bhaskarj Jyoti Sengupta.

Stage Performance-
for 10 years in Rabindra Sadan, Sisir Manch, Kala Mandir, Rathindra Mancha, Rabindra O Kakura Bhawan, Indumati Savagriha, Bangla Academy, Jibananda Sabhaghar, Abanindra Savagriho, Anik Natyamancha, Giris Mancha, Vidyasagar Mela, Birla Academy, Madhusadan Mancho and many more……….

Perform for the Organization till date:-
Shabdoshilpi, Shilpi Jajabor, Anuranan, Chandak, Samantaral, Samakal, Korak, Utsa, Supani Music, Charukantha, Abriti Parisad, Srijan Sandhani, Ragrangam, Rang Tarang, Murari Smriti Sangeert Sammellon, Rabindra Bharati Society, Bachik shilpi Sanstha, Dakshin Kolkata Sanskritik Chakra, Tollygunge Atandra, Shilpik Kalakendra, Barisha Katha,. Etc and many more….

Swapan Basu and Nayan Basu in there childhood, boath of them were very interested and habituated also in reading the School Magazine at Scottish Church School. When they in class 8  they read and got spell bound by the famous “KARNA KUNTI SANGBAD” recited by partha Ghosh and Gouri Ghosh and fortunately they got a super chance to access these famous artists , and that was the beginning. They become very much keen on entiring there glorious world by the enormous enthusiasm and inspiration from Partha Ghosh as well as by their mother. They wear ultimately blessed by SRIMA THE MOTHER and SRI AUROBINDO, so the admiration towards there kindness and compassion “We are very much greatful to Abbriti Parisad and we must be thankful to Anuranan Shree Bhaskar Jyoti Sengupta for his tremendous inspiration, beside we are also thankful to Keya Chatterjee of Supari Music. We also must be oblised very much to famous direction circulator Sree Debasish Basu.

Engaged  with the Organization of Abbriti Parisad, Anuranan, Chandak, Rabindrabharati Society, Bachik Shilpi Sanstha, Sutanuti Parisad etc.

“Tobu Monea Rekho” directed by Kajal Sur from Sristi Cassets in 2009.
Owned the competition on the poems of Subodh Sarkar (Organised by Utsa)and received the award from mallika sengupta in 2003.

Tanpura Sangeet Sikshalaya, Indrani Dutta Kala Niketan, Abbriti Parisad, Anuranan.

Worth Mentionable Incidents:-Performance by Nayan Basu in “BABAR Charitre”directed by Satinath Mukherjee in Sisir Mancha (Organised by Bachik Shilpi Sanstha )was very much appreciated in 2002.
Later on the audio drama “Mourir Bagan” directed by famous Kousik Sen of All India Radio was also appreciated to a great extent.

Our Institution:-
Mirachandam, established by our own in order to practice nature the art of this World Our mother was the student of one of the most famous singer Sree Biman Mukherjee and Tarun Banerjee. We are nurturing the art of Recitation, the art of dance and musical instrument on daily basic at “Mira Chandam”.

Channel function:-

1) Appart from many Govt.Organization, we have perfprmed in A.T.N World, C.T.V.N etc.
2) We have participated in a programme recently by J.D.M.U. FM.
3) We have also participated and got a huge appreciation and facilation the performance in “Sudhu Tomari Jonyo” in A.T.N. world.

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