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Bipadtarani Mohanta Tarasiddhya Kamakhya Debi Mantrasidhya Tantrasadhak Tantrik. Rajjyotish Jotisharnob Jyotishsamrat a renowned and experienced astrologer in the field of Tantrashastra , Jyotish, Astrology, Astronomy.

  • Palm reading
  • Horoscope Reading & Judgement
  • Good and bad result forecast
  • Planetary peace
  • Success in examination
  • Winning Court Case
  • Finding of Lost Persons
  • Marriage Obstacleremoval and quick marriage
  • Having son or daughter
  • Getting job offers
  • Prosperity in business
  • Death Calculation
  • Fault in Vaastu
  • Happiness and well being in family and all problems of human life being solved here.

For the rectification of faulty planetary positions and for the benefit of desciples and devotees, worships, puja and Yogna are offered own temple every dark moon at special occassions on special days.

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