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Shihan Shivaji Ganguly
6th Degree Black Belt, TokyoJapan

Branch Chief of India. 
International Examiner & Judge.
Former Chairman of Asian Region & 
Board Member of World Karate Organization

Shihan Shivaji Ganguly started practicing martial art in 1975. He started practicing Kyokushin Karate in 1977. Since then he toiled vigorously and strenuously and taken every possible  steps to promote and develop Kyokushin Karate in India. He went to Japan many times for attending several World Karate Championships, International Camps, International Seminars, Instructorship Course and extremely hard and specialized Uchideshi (Monk hood) Training under the legendary Grand Master - SOSAI MASUTATSU OYAMA. Beside this he trained with renowned Seniors and dignified Instructors of Kyokushin Karate time to time. He traveled different parts of the world to attend several Kyokushin activities.

He is the only Indian and probably the only Asian  to achieve all-round positions in Kyokushin Karate. Presently he presides at the apex in Asia. Moreover Shihan Shivaji Ganguly is the Branch Chief of India, International Judge, International Examiner, Asian Chairman and Board Member of the World Karate Organization (WKO) Shinkyokushinkai. He is the only Asian to be one of the Judge in the Finals of last three consecutive World Karate Championships held at Tokyo, Japan. He is only Indian to be invited by the President of WKO to perform demonstration in the All Japan Karate Tournament.

He never compromised with anything for the betterment of Karate even by sacrificing a lot in his life. In the beginning of his career he was in banking services which he finally left and decided to concentrate even more for the development and promotion of this noble art. He is trying his best to put our country among the front liners in the World of Karate.

Training Experience
Year Event Venue
 Special Camp Singapore
 Uchi Deshi Training at World Karate H.Q. Japan
1985  Summer Camp & Uchi Deshi training at World H.Q. Japan
1986  Branch Chief Camp & Instructorship training at World H.Q. Japan
1987  Special Advance camp Japan
1990  Branch Chief Training (Instructorship training) Japan
1991  Branch Chief Training (Instructorship training) Japan
1994  Training & Seminar Kathmandu, Nepal
1994  Special Advance Camp & Seminar Honolulu, Hawaii
1995  Training & Seminar Singapore
1996  Training & Seminar Yokohama, Japan
1996  Special Advance Camp Switzerland
1997  Special Seminar Calcutta, India
1998  Advance Camp & Seminar by Senior Japanese Instructor Calcutta, India
1999  Special Seminar by Senior Japanese Instructor Calcutta, India
1999  Special Training Hiratsuka, Japan
2002  Special Training & Seminar Fukuoka, Japan
2002  Special Training & Seminar Chiba, Japan
2007  Special Training & Seminar Fujisawa, Japan
Tournament Experience (Represented India)
Year Event Venue
1979  Second World Karate Tiurnament Japan
1981  International Karate Tournament (Achieved 6th Place) Jakarta, Indonesia
1982  Asia Tournament (Achieved 2nd Place) Singapore
1985  Asian Pacific Tournament (Achieved 4th Place) Honolulu
Year Event Venue
1984  Indian Coach for the 3rd World Karate Tournament  
1987  Indian Coach for the 4th World Karate Tournament  
1988  Indian Coach for the Commonwealth Tournament  
1990  Indian Coach for the 4th Asian Karate Tournament  
1991  Indian Coach for the 5th World karate Tournament  
1992  Indian Coach for the 5th Asian Karate Tournament  
1992  Indian Coach for the International Tournament  
1994  Indian Coach for the 6th Asian Karate Tournament  
1996  Indian Coach for the 6th World Karate Tournament  
1997  Indian Coach for the 7th Asian Championship  
1999  7th World Karate Championship  
2001  2nd World Cup Open Karate Championship  
International Tournament Judging
Year Event Venue
1983  Judge in Sri Lankan Karate Tournament Sri Lanka
1988  Judge in Commonwealth Karate Tournament Australia
1990  Judge in Asian Karate Tournament Japan
1991  Judge in 5th World Karate Tournament Japan
1992  Judge in 5th Asian Karate Tournament Sri Lanka
1992  Judge in the International Tournament Singapore
1994  Judge in 6th Asian Karate Tournament Kathmandu, Nepal
1996  Judge in 6th World Karate Tournament Yokohama, Japan
1996  Judge in International Karate Tournament Kathmandu, Nepal
1996  Judge in Sri Lankan Karate Tournament Sri Lanka
1997  Judge in 7th Asian Karate Tournament Calcutta, India
1999  Judge in 2nd Kyokushin Cup Calcutta, India
1999  (Sep) Judge in International Tournament Hiratsuka, Japan
2000  (Dec) All Japan Tournament Chiba, Japan
2001  Judge in 7th World Tournament Tokyo, Japan
2002  2nd World Cup Karate Tournament Budapest, Hungary
2003  1st Fukuoka International Open Karate Tournament Fukuoka, Japan
2004  8th World Karate Tournament Tokyo, Japan
   International Karate Championship Nepal
2005  World Cup Osaka, Japan
2007  World Championship Tokyo, Japan
2008  13th Asian Championship Anuradhapur, Srilanka
2009  World Cup St. Peter'sberg, Russia
2011  World Championship Tokyo, Japan
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