Patients suffering from loin ache / lumber ache referred to both legs unable to work and cervical pain referred to one or both hand with or without weakness, diagnosed after MRI by any doctor as prolapsed inter vertebral disc and adviced operation, but all this can be cured by discolysis  by injection in the disk space under local anaesthesia.

Hydrocephalus and 3rd Ventriculostomy.-Collection of CSF (cleared water like material) inside ventricle ,causing  dilation known as Hydrocephalus ,causes various symptoms and signs usually neurosurgeon operate for VPSHUNT to drain out CSF for ventricle to abdomen .But 3rd Ventriculostomy will remove obstruction by making another way at the floor of 3rd Ventricle which will keep the brain water inside brain for normal circulation .That establishes normal circulation of CSF .

Cerebral Hemorrhage - Patient with High Blood pressure/Normal pressure may have sudden Hemorrhage inside brain tissue, leads to very bad condition and sometimes death .Patient will present with unconsciousness and paralysis of Halfbody.

Neurosurgeon after CT scan may advise open operation under general anesthesia. Operation and anesthesia both have adverse effect to life .But stereotactic evacuation of blood under local anesthesia may lead to sometimes complete recovery without any brain damage and minimum threat to life if it is done within 6 Hours.

Stereotactic- Biopsy of the brain tumor may lead to early pathological diagnosis under local anesthesia without open operation.

Brain Tumor–Operation can be done under local anesthesia without general anesthesia.
Professional Details :
Qualification : M.B.B.S (cal),
M.S. (Gen Surgery), 1973
M.Ch. (Neuro Surgery), 1988
Worked As: 1. Associated Prof. & Head Neuro Surgery in R.G. Kar Medical College.

2. Associated Prof. in N.R.S. Medical Collage.

3. Prof. & Head of Neuro Surgery in Medical Collage Kolkata upto 2006.

4. Present Head of Neuro Surgery in the Calcutta Medical Complex, 21, Narikeldanga Main Road.
Kolkata - 700 011, Ph. No : +9133 - 2350 8144
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