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New Life Nursery was provide commercial and residential firms with a competitive source, block sods supply. Our policies in the past has been to deal with or in conjunction with the commercial landscape firms when providing grass installation services to contractors. However, due to several prime contractors requesting individual grass price quotes for cost identification purposes, we have decided to quote prices directly to the prime contractors and/ or owners of commercial and residential projects. Because of our farm background and experience coupled with our firm commitment to the construction industry, we are uniquely equipped to satisfy your grass needs at competitive prices. Thanks for your time and we welcome any inquiries or opportunities to quote your firm on grass prices, delivered and/or installed.
We have created a simple ordering/delivery system which allows you to create a customized account, receive updates on the status of your order and track delivery to best suit your schedule. New Life Nursery is Kolkatas largest grass distributor and while New Life Nursery is a large company, each of our Divisions are operated locally. New Life Nursery Delivery Managers and Project Managers all live in the area the Division performs work/deliveries. So while we may cover a lot of ground, we do it with people who know your local area and the conditions associated with doing work where you are.
New Life Nursery takes pride in providing freshly harvested turf grass daily. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and service to our customers at a competitive prices. New Life Nursery is able to supply many varieties of grass.
Maxicum Hard Grass
Selection Soft Grass
How to choose grass :
Grass that is shorter than your feet.
Grass that is taller than your hips.
The shortest grass leaf that you can find.
Grass leaf with hairy texture.
Grass with pointed seeds.
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